Ricky the Unicorn

All about one bad a$$ unicorn. He rides his motorcycle and to make him even worser, he has some bubbles coming out the back instead of that bad gas. Join Ricky on his wonderful adventures!!!


4. The Dare Game

Ricky's P.O.V.

"You really want to know?" R squared looked around the bathroom, we were the only ones in it, "It's...a game...it's called the Dare Game. These dimwit dudes Bill Joneses and Burt Mart put it together, they get names from people on the streets...and they got mine on the highway, then on the news they announce the names and what they need to do, mine was swim in a fountain. If you don't do it, then you need to go in a very public place with underpants on, only underpants! Anyway, the crowd left minutes before you showed up, it was a nightmare Rick NIGHTMARE!"

'Bill...a dim wit Bill...where is that familiar Ricky? Think' I said to myself.

"Who were the people called with you?" I asked R squared.

"I only remember one," he started, "it was 'the wizard' those dim wits are so dumb. Then they said, 'There are many wizards out there, but this is the wizard who stole our ice cream, a special unicorn wizard! You know who you are! If you love ice cream you wizard, we dare you to eat 5 gallons of ice cream!!!' Then they went on the list until they got too me, I turned it off."

I froze, I know those dim wits...I was the wizard!! That ice cream was good so the challenge shouldn't be hard, but what do I tell R squared? What would he do if I explained I was the 'wizard'? What would he say? What would happen?

"I dought it but I could've the wizard!" I sarcastically told R squared, he thought I meant it.

"Dude, it sounds like you...I wouldn't be surprised. But if you see them, they might attack you like a concipated chimpanzee, trust me they go bazaar man, one second they are in the cage, the other they are breaking out, and the next, the attack you and your mom...my advice to you was stay away from chimps, and those wacko freak steaks!"

"I love chimps, it's those monkeys that try to make you squeal like an overgrown baby rhino if ya know what I mean...but don't worry, those turkey boobs will get nowhere near me!" I proudly said walking out of the bathroom. 

I walked out then bumped into someone, when I tried get away so they could walk through but they wouldn't move.

"Hey there" he said, "we have been looking for you ice cream eating rainbow buttfaced unicorn wizard!" It was Bill and He was with Burt, I was sadly right, it was the turkey boobs I stole ice cream from...poop.


R squared's P.O.V. 

Turkey boobs. Clever Ricky clever. 

"we have been looking for you ice cream eating rainbow buttfaced unicorn wizard!" Oh poop. It was those 'turkey boobs' messing with Ricky, I better get out there to defend Ricky, I actually like him now. 

When I got out there, they were gone. There was a note there though. I walked over to a bench, sat down and started reading. It read;

Dear Person to read this letter who likes Ricky the Unicorn, 

We have taken Ricky to a ice cream store. He is only eating his 'ice cream'

What I mean by 'ice cream' is ice cream with poison in it, hahaha, never thought we were bad like that did you? 

Well we are bad! Deal with it. 

Anyway, we add the poison so nobody will now but you. Anyway look at the clock.

I looked at the clock, it read 11:59.

At 12:00, a cage will fall on the spot were this note was, so good luck reaching ricky! 

So long. 

Just then, a cage fell where the note was, good thing I sat on the bench. 

But oh poop! Ricky was going to die!!!


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