Ricky the Unicorn

All about one bad a$$ unicorn. He rides his motorcycle and to make him even worser, he has some bubbles coming out the back instead of that bad gas. Join Ricky on his wonderful adventures!!!


2. Picnic with Rickalina

Ricky's P.O.V.

 I licked out the last of my dim wit ice cream and started my motorcycle and my phone started to ring.

"Ahola?" I answered.

"Ricky! You are such a butthole!" Oh no, it was Rickalina, my girlfriend. She was a unicorn with lucious gold hair, perfect with my rainbow hair, a beautiful, silver horn, and a white coat just like mine. But there was so much action today I forgot about our picnic in the park! I couldn't waste a minute so I answered right back.

"Oh my god Rickster(that's her nickname)! I forgot about our picnic, I'm coming lucious one!" I dodged people on the road ignoring them when I went past, exept when I saw fat stuff, I waved and he lifted his big hand and swatted me away like I was a fly...RUDE! 


Rickalina's P.O.V

I waited by the rose bush me and Ricky always met at and rolled out the blanket, then I got out the radio and put on one direction. My favorite song came on, Kiss You by one direction, I loudly sang along. Moments after, Ricky came galloping towards me. I stared at him, and he slide onto the blanket and picked up the picnic basket, then instantly gobbled up a rainbow jellybean casserole I made for him. 

"Soh, Rickalina" Ricky got out between spits and laughs, "How are ya?"

I laughed at him, "Well, today I found out your a butthole...I thought you were so much more than th..."

"Hold your phone baby girl!" Ricky said kicking me softly, "I ain't the butthole here! It's you...you over cooked the jellybeans love."

For hours longer we talked and talked until finally it got dark out, then we said our good byes and left the park.



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