Ricky the Unicorn

All about one bad a$$ unicorn. He rides his motorcycle and to make him even worser, he has some bubbles coming out the back instead of that bad gas. Join Ricky on his wonderful adventures!!!


1. Meet Ricky

Ricky's P.O.V

"Riding down the highway, in my brand new wonderful motorcycle! It's got dem bubbles in the back, WHAT WHAT? And those rainbows in the front, MHUMM! If I ask myself, I would say I l..."

"Shut your pie-hole!" A fat dude next to me says, this traffic is already making my head pop, and I don't need you to make it any worse!"

I chuckled in my chuckling way, "Har har har, well, see here fat stuff, I've got an explanation...I like to sing! DUH!" I chuckled some more. 

I need to say though, the traffic is making my head exploded just like fat stuff. We have been in the same spot for 5 minutes strait!!! AND NOTHING IS MOVING!!! I thought my bike song would cheer up my heart, it did But that meddling fat stuff ruined it!

But, you know what? Fat ain't my baby sitter or nothin! I'm my own bossy boss, so fats! I'm singing out my heart!!!

"Riding down the hi...*chough* oh man! Darn that darn gas! Oh me oh my! The traffic is a moving!" So I got back to driving.

Then I realized I was a hunger one, so I decided to stop at McDonald's for some frys, milkshakes, and...that playground all the kiddies play on! 

I got off at the next exit, but on the side of the road, there was a car. That. Had. Ice. Cream! It wasn't for sale but I know it sure was there! I thought it would be soothing to have some icy cream! So I pulled over behind the ice cream car and parked my motorcycle, then I simply dove into a bush...

"Umm, did that bush just move Bill?" Someone in the car said.

"You are dumb Burt, bushes don't move, it's common science!" The intelligent man Bill said.

"Your right Bill, I need no mo ice cream, I'll get all cray cray." With that, he set down the ice cream.

So I got out from the bush and jumped high up and leaped into the car, they started to stare at me, I think my entrance was too big...opps! 

"You can't see me!" I said to them.

"Oh no!!!" Bill said, "he's a wizard! Dude, I'm so sorry, I'll give you what you want!"

I chuckled how I do, "har har har..give me dat ice cream! Then I shall leave forever...maybe."

"Dude!! Dude dude dude!! Give it to him man! He's gonna use his magical powers on us bro!" Then they gave me the ice cream, what dim wits. 



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