Ricky the Unicorn

All about one bad a$$ unicorn. He rides his motorcycle and to make him even worser, he has some bubbles coming out the back instead of that bad gas. Join Ricky on his wonderful adventures!!!


6. Hopes to Find Ricky

Rickalina's P.O.V.

Where is butthole Jr.? Ricky is a butthole, but his interesting friend, 'R squared' is butt breath Jr. if ya know what I mean. R-squared wanted to meet up with me since he is Rikcy's friend now and him and I were friends back in pre-school since we were neighbors as well. 

Then I got a text from Ricky's phone, it was R-squared, he said, "Ricky is missing, he could be in danger, please come quickly to the mall." Huh, danger? The only danger Ricky has been in is scraping his leg on the sidewalk coming home from the park. How could this possibly be good? Whatever, I'll take my time, like seriously, I'll take my time. Or not show up till I finsih things, aka a hour and a half. I'm sure it's not that important. Huh, what is?


R-squared P.O.V.

I told Rickalina to hurry her buttox up. I don't think she took it seriously. Her house can't possibly be 1 hour away form the mall! My house is 1 MILE away from the mall, and WE WERE NEIGHBORS!!! I cant possible understand that brain of hers sometimes. That must be why she's dating the genius Ricky. wow. It's all so clear now. That's why Rickalina is with a butthole! She's one as well! I think she should date someone a tad more mature like mwa but I shouldn't be criticizing the man who is about to... die, and the women who honestly is not... well, doesn't have a accurate... brain? I don't know Im guessing things. I just need to prove my point, ok, nothing personal to all da buttholes out in da world. It;s just... never mind nobody can understand the quality of my genusness. I'm sure Albert Einstein can understand. Well, let's drop this convo and get back to da... um, right! Da story, well, Rickalina should be here by now I mean after all that!?!? 


Ricky's P.O.V. 

They took me to where they said they would, a stupid abandoned magic studio. What do they want me to be excited about my death, dying in a wizard like place? If I though a dude was a wizard, I wouldn't take them to a magic studio! They are filled with 'magic' and 'fun' and 'thrills' that just about sums up a wizard, I mean, what. The . Poo. Come on Bill and Burt, you can't be so stupid. Rickalina and R-squared can't be so stupid or in my second life I need to find smarter people. Now I'm afraid. 

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