Ricky the Unicorn

All about one bad a$$ unicorn. He rides his motorcycle and to make him even worser, he has some bubbles coming out the back instead of that bad gas. Join Ricky on his wonderful adventures!!!


5. Finding out the plan

Ricky's P.O.V.

Dark, thats all I could see in the trunk of Bill boob and Burt idiot's dump car. Why was I so dumb? Why did I need my ice cream that moment? Why couldn't there have been a store or something nearby? Poo poo poi poop. 

Then all of the sudden, light poured into the trunk, it was so bright I thought my eyes were blazing like fire, it was very bad, terrible.

"Oh me oh my what the heck are you doing Billy bob joe? I was thinking about thoughts." I complained to Bill who opened the trunk. 

"Shut it you wizard gone wrong. We don't need your blabber mouth running." Bill replied to me angrily. 

"Well if you just want me to eat 5 gallons of ice cream, why did you write a note, set up a cage, and stuff me in your trunk?" This was  actually a reasonable question. Something is wrong about this. I can feel it.

"Ummm, like I told you! Shut it wizard gone wrong." Yep, I was right, something was wrong. 

"Whatever you dim wit just don't kill me or nothing." When I said that Bill and Burt looked at each other then at me then each other, then me. Oh my god. They were going to kill me in some way. This will be interesting, and scary! 


Bill's P.O.V.

He knows a we will kill him. All I want is no wizard spells. Nothing! I'm scared of him, he is smart, and odd. NOT a good mix. Dumb and odd is good, it defines my personality perfectly. Don't you think?


Burt's P.O.V. 

Bill is going to make this wizard explode in anger. I am the smart one here, not genius Bill. I can tell that this Ricky guy is smarter than me and Bill combined. Soon enough, both me and Bill will be defeated if Bill doesn't stop his constant blabber. 

"Bill," I said aloud so Bill could here me. "Get over here."

We closed the trunk with Ricky the wizard in it, then we went over the plan and agreed not to tell Ricky until it happens. Wow, Bill was lucky to have a smart friend. 


Ricky's P.O.V.

I heard it, everything. Trunks are not sound proof. I know about the letter, the...poison, and where they will take mwa. I hope my good friend R-sqaured is not taking a dump, so then he can help me! 

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