Ricky the Unicorn

All about one bad a$$ unicorn. He rides his motorcycle and to make him even worser, he has some bubbles coming out the back instead of that bad gas. Join Ricky on his wonderful adventures!!!


7. Escape?

Rickalina's P.O.V.

I arrived at the mall and R-squared literally tried to strangle me. "What the? Ryan what was that?!?!" "You don't realized Ricky is being taken to a place with two dim wits and they are about to kill him because they think he's a ice cream eating wizard!!!!!!!" "Ok, ok. I know where to go. You say they are dim wits?" "Yes yes" "They think he's a wizard?" "Yes yes" "Then they took him to, that ummm" I know this place, I now this place!!! OHH right, "that abandoned or closed down magic shop!!!" "We'll try there, then I say we go to a diner or something." "Why? What does that have to do with Ricky?!?!" "Nothing. I'm hungry!" He never thinks strait, this is why I take my time on these things, "Lets go smart one!!" Then we ran out of the mall, to my car and went to save Ricky.


Ricky's P.O.V.

"Wizard! We, ummm, we don't want to hurt you anymore!!!" "Whatever you say. I still don't see why I can let you go!!" "NOOOOO" You see, they asked me if I was hungry, so I said yes. I was starved to the bone. Well the idiots opened the trunk and didn't tie me up or nothin. So I jumped out and ever all wizard on them. "Save me Bill!" Burt said hiding behind him. "Stop" Burt put his hand out, "IN THE NAME OF LOVE!!! Before you break my heart." Then he started dancing. Then he pointed toward a figure coming toward us. As it came closer, I realized who it was. "RICKALINA!!" I ran over to her and gave her a hug. "Wizard?" Burt said, "If I let you go-" "Yes, I won't get you." "Your free to go wizard!!" 

~2 hours later~

Rickalina kissed my cheek. "Well" she said, "I defiantly thought this adventure of yours was going to be harder." "Oh thanks Rickster." I said, "you wanted me to die?" "No!! No, I wanted to go all Ninja on them." "Why?" "It's on my bucket list. To go all Ninja on somebody." "Well, you saved me, thanks Rickster." Then I kissed her. This would be a day I would never forget.



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