Thirteen Runs

Lyssandra is a runaway.
When her family died in a house fire, she did the only thing she could think of- she ran.
Six years and twelve runs later, she still has no luck. Thirteen is meant to be an unlucky number, so what will happen when Lyssandra runs from an abusive cheater? And what will happen when she runs into a ghost from her past that she thought was dead?


7. Thirteen Stories

Lyss' P.O.V

 “Wow. That’s quite a story.” Zayn said, wiping his eyes. Niall looked at me, his face covered in tears. “I can’t believe you had to go through that. Alone as well.” Liam looked like he was about to punch a wall. I went up to him, took his hands gently, massaging his wrists. I rubbed his back with my other hand, and told him to breathe. I carried on telling him things to comfort him, like ‘you don’t need to do this’, or ‘he’s not worth the time and effort’ after two minutes, he calmed down. I cupped his face in my hand, and said “You’re stronger than this, Liam. Don’t worry about it. Just forget about it, like it never happened.” He was now crying, which made tears well up in my eyes, too. I wiped the tears away with my finger. “Don’t cry, Li.”. I laughed “Shouldn’t it be me crying, and you comforting me, huh?” he looked at me and smiled sadly. He took a deep breath. “I guess it’s just because I thought I lost you. Now your back, and I don’t want to lose you again, and as your brother, I don’t want to see you get hurt.” By now, I was crying too. We just hugged, until Louis, who had been oddly quiet through the whole of this, asked “Wait, what do you mean ‘lose you again’? How have you lost her before?”

Me and Liam both started at the same time “I thought she/he…” we both stopped. I gestured for him to explain. “Four years ago, here was a house fire. Three people were reported to be dead, but they couldn’t be identified, they were ashes by the time they found them. I thought the third person was Lyss, Lyss thought the third person was me….if it wasn’t you…” “Really? I didn’t notice! I thought I was a ghost!” “Hush now! Anyway…if it wasn’t you, where were you?” I looked at him like he was an idiot. “I was with Faith. On holiday. The holiday that I went on about for months before. Where were you?” I said simply, raising an eyebrow.

“I was at Caleb’s house.” “Well how was I supposed to know that?” “I always go there, every other Friday.” “Well, you should have known that I was on holiday!” “But you were coming back that day! You could have already come back!” “Well I hadn’t!” “Sorry! How would I have known that?” “You just…should have!” “That’s not a very good reason!” “Well, you could have come back from Caleb’s for all I know!” “Should we just stop arguing?” “NO…YEAH, WE PROBABLY SHOULD!” Why are you still shouting?” “I DON’T KNOW? I SHOULD PROBABLY STOP!” “Yeah, you should.” “OKAY!” “You’re still shouting.” “OH RIGHT…”

“LYSS! LIAM! SHUT UP!” someone shouted, interrupting our pointless argument. I didn’t know who it was, I didn’t bother looking.

“Hey, Lyss, how would you feel about meeting my girlfriend, Dani?” Liam asked, randomly. “Well, that was random, but, YEAH, OF COURSE! WHEN?” He pondered this for a second, before saying “Well, we’re going to finish off your room tomorrow, so how abou Thursday?” “Yeah, fine! As long as I get to meet up with her so we can play pranks on you lot!” “You could never beat us at a prank war!” Louis stated, coming up to me and pushing my shoulder mockingly.

I pushed his shoulder back. “Oh yeah? Is that a challenge, Mr. Tomlinson?”

“It is, now, Miss Payne.” He remarked. I raised an eyebrow. Game on. These boys didn’t know what was coming.

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