Thirteen Runs

Lyssandra is a runaway.
When her family died in a house fire, she did the only thing she could think of- she ran.
Six years and twelve runs later, she still has no luck. Thirteen is meant to be an unlucky number, so what will happen when Lyssandra runs from an abusive cheater? And what will happen when she runs into a ghost from her past that she thought was dead?


5. Thirteen Hugs

Lyss' P.O.V

Oh crap! I was honestly speechless. I didn’t know what to say, so I said the word I use too often, apparently. “Umm…” I turned around to see five boys all looking at me, waiting for an answer, confusion, worry and curiosity all swirling in their eyes. I couldn’t stand the pressure. I pushed myself off the couch and ran to my room. It was going to be decorated tomorrow- it would have black, white and red colour scheme, and would have loads of storage. I locked and bolted the door behind me. I didn’t need anyone harassing me with their curious questions. Curious questions? Aren’t all questions curious? I sank down onto the floor. I heard footsteps coming towards my door, and then whispering.

“Is she okay?” “She doesn’t self-harm does she?” I heard. I think those questions were asked by Niall and Zayn. Their voices were both full of concern. “Liam, someone should go in there…I thin-” Harry started, but was interrupted by Louis,, who decided to shout “I should go in there! SUPERMAN TO THE RESCUE!!!” I laughed at that, they must have heard, because all the voices stopped. My brother cleared his throat. ”Lyss, please let us in…you don’t have to tell us about your scar…not yet…” I stood up, and unlocked my door. My hand hesitated on the doorknob. They might as well all know. I couldn’t keep it from them forever. I had to tell them sooner or later.  I twisted it open to see five worried faces. Suddenly, Niall’s arms were wrapped tightly around my chest, crushing me. “Niall…get…off of…me…can’t…breathe…let goo…” I managed to gasp out; it was hard to talk when your lungs were practically being crushed. My arms were flailing about, trying to swat Niall away, but failing miserably. He finally let go, and I breathed heavily. Oh air, you have never tasted so sweet, I thought. The boys were all laughing. Did I say that out loud? “Yeah, you did love.” Harry smirked. Darn! That too? “And again...” Zayn mocked.

“Shuddup!” I pouted. “It’s not funny! C’mon guys, how old are you? Three? God!”  Louis smiled at me. “No. Four actually.”  I sighed in frustration. “Guess I’m not appreciated out here then…I’ll just go back in my room, and lock the door so none of you can get in…see you later, guys…” they stopped laughing. “Sorry, Lyss, but you just complained about something over a million girls would kill for…” Liam said. “Oh, yeah? And what was that?” “The Horan hug.” I laughed “What? That death grip? Please, I’d kill to NOT experience that again!” Niall fake sobbed into Zayn’s shoulder. “She doesn’t appreciate me Zayn…WHY, I ASK YOU? WHY?” “I know, mate, I know…” Zayn replied, rubbing Niall’s back. That was just too cute. “Aww! Ziall moment!”  I exclaimed. The boys looked at me. “How did you learn our bromance nicknames?” Niall asked me, seemingly recovered.

I looked down at the floor, then pulled my stalker face as I looked at them. “I did my research…”  “Okay…that was creepy…” Harry said. “Not as creepy as your face, Styles. Or your obsession with older women, which reminds me…I can hook you up with my friend’s Grandma. She’s single.” I retorted. The boys were laughing, but Niall wasn’t. He looked deep in thought. “’sup Horan?” he spanned out of his trance, and looked me in the eye. “In all honesty, I’m scared.” He said. The boys looked at him, their eyes begging for an explanation. “I think you may have more sass than the Tommo!”

Louis gasped, and came up to me. “You challenge me? Fine. Anytime, anywhere. I could take you on in a sass competition. What do you say. I mean of course you’ll back out, because we both know I would win.” He said. “AWWW HEEEELLLLLL NO! You, me, and everyone else here knows that I could beat you.” We then started a mini-argument, and were only stopped when Liam shouted “Geez guys! Give it a rest! Lyss, were you actually going to tell us what happened, or not?” I thought about it, then flung open my door. “All of you, go sit on my bed. I’ll tell you, just don’t interrupt me.”

That night, I told the boys about all of my past. When I got up to the bit about Lucas, I decided to show them all of my scars. All twenty-six of them. And my twelve bruises. So, when I was about to start talking about Lucas, I went into the bathroom, and changed from my skinny jeans into some running shorts, and from my jumper to a running crop top. I came out, the boys were all talking. I cleared my throat nervously. “So, where were we?” I said, putting on a brave face.


Hi guys! sorry for the late update (hehe that rhymes! :D) but i've been busy making a castle for this project in school :/

hope you enjoyed chapter 5. have a nice day xxx


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