Thirteen Runs

Lyssandra is a runaway.
When her family died in a house fire, she did the only thing she could think of- she ran.
Six years and twelve runs later, she still has no luck. Thirteen is meant to be an unlucky number, so what will happen when Lyssandra runs from an abusive cheater? And what will happen when she runs into a ghost from her past that she thought was dead?


9. Thirteen Gotchas

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up, and listened to the birds outside my window chirping, peacefully breathing in and out. I decided to get up, noticing my clock said half seven, and padded into the kitchen in my boxers and slippers. There was a stack of pancakes on the counter, along with a neatly folded note. Reading the note, my eyes widened. Panicking, I ran into Liam’s room. “Liam, wake up! Liam, it’s important, you need to get up, NOW!” I shook him, tears forming in my eyes. I heard someone walk into the kitchen, then a something that sounded like “YAY!” Niall- I’m guessing he found the pancakes.  Liam woke up, looking at me like I was crazy. “Haz, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?” I gave no reply, just shoved the letter in his face.

Ten minutes later….

The rest of the boys and I were gathered around the kitchen table, trying to figure out what was going on. Why would she do this? We were all crying. Liam was practically having a breakdown. Niall was eating the pancakes, eating quicker than usual as he was nervous. We had rung her, but only to find that her phone was on her bed, her belongings all gone. Niall was reaching for the last pancake, when he quietly said “Guys, what’s this?”. All of our heads snapped up. On the plate, there was another piece of paper. It had been hidden underneath the pancakes. “What does it say?” I asked Zayn who had the note. He looked up at us, confusion written on his face. He put the note down on the table. Written on it was a single word. “Gotcha?” we all chorused, confused.

“Yep, gotcha!” a voice sounded. It sounded feminine. Whizzing around to face the door, we saw someone leaning there, a smirk plastered on her face. “God, you had no idea how long I was waiting outside the door for you to find that note!” Lyss gloated. “And you said I couldn’t prank you!”

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT LYSS? WHAT THE HELL!” Liam shouted, running towards her “You’re so going to pay for that!” she sprinted away, towards the other end of the room, but tripped over someone’s shoes. She flew through the air, and fell straight into the coffee table. She lay slumped against it, not moving. “she’s probably just trying to prank us again. I’ll tickle her to prove it.” Liam said. He tickled her, but there was no reaction. “Oh crap.” He muttered under his breath.


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