Thirteen Runs

Lyssandra is a runaway.
When her family died in a house fire, she did the only thing she could think of- she ran.
Six years and twelve runs later, she still has no luck. Thirteen is meant to be an unlucky number, so what will happen when Lyssandra runs from an abusive cheater? And what will happen when she runs into a ghost from her past that she thought was dead?


3. Thirteen Ex-Girlfriends

I am so happy- two updates two days in a row! probably not very good, but oh well.


Lyss' P.O.V

“…I’m- We’re kind of in a boy band…and we’re sort of famous…” he said, avoiding my eyes and rubbing the back of his neck with his hand, something he did when he was stressed or nervous.

I eyed him suspiciously. “How famous, exactly?” I asked. Seeing him this nervous made me panic. When he didn’t answer after two seconds, I knew the answer would only be one thing: mega-famous. Or something close to that. Which meant that I, being his sister, would be famous. Fame. Something I had always hated. So, that was the reason he was nervous. He knew I wouldn’t like the answer “Liam! Answer me, for god’s sake! Wait. Let me guess. Worldwide famous? Am I close?”

He sighed and looked me in the eyes. “Yeah, Lyss, you were right.”  He turned around and muttered something under his breath. I’m guessing he thought I couldn’t hear it. I could though. “God, she’s just as bad as Dani!” he said. Upon hearing this, because I’m, well, me, I rugby-tackled him to the carpet. I held him to the ground as I bombarded him with questions.

 “Who’s Dani? Is she a girl? Wait’ of course she’s a girl! Oh, is she your girlfriend? Aagggh! Let me meet her! Give me her number! Now I sound like a stalker! I’ve not even met her, and I’m asking for her number! Liam! Take me to meet her! Please! Please! Please!” I all but begged. I heard laughing behind me, and turned around to find the four boys in stitches. Between laughs, Harry managed to choke out something that sounded like “That is priceless!” I glared at him. “I’d shut it if I were you, curly. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to those precious locks of yours now would we?” This caused all of the boys to laugh even harder, except Harry, who had stopped laughing altogether. “What?” he whimpered, cradling his curls. He’s worse than me. I thought. Even worse than Clo. Chloe was Lucas’ sister. She was nice, but I hadn’t seen her since I’d ran.  I left the world of my thoughts and came back to reality, where the boys were laughing, but Liam, who must’ve escaped from my grip when I got lost in my thoughts. “Who’s Clo?” he asked. “Just an old friend…” I paused debating whether to tell my brother that I’d had a boyfriend “, she was my ex’s sister…” I looked up at Liam, who was fuming. “You’ve had a boyfriend, Lyssandra?” he asked through gritted teeth “You’re only seventeen and you’ve had a boyfriend?”

The boys had stopped laughing. “Well, yeah. But if you think about it, I’m nearly eighteen. I mean, seven more days to go, right?  Do you not remember Cathy, anyway? You were eleven when you started to date her! Besides, it only started about three months ago. It ended last week, by the way, so you don’t have to go on a manhunt to find him and kill him.” I retorted. The boys were holding in their laughter, biting their lips, while Liam was bright red. He obviously didn’t like me bringing up his exes. “What? Don’t like me bringing up your exes?” I questioned cheekily “Don’t embarrass me, then. I mean I could tell them about Cathy, or Courtney, or Britt, I can give you the dates as well! Sara, Hol-“ I was stopped by Liam clamping my mouth shut with his hand. “Okay. Point proven.” He told me, releasing me from his grip.

“Are you sure? I could go on and on, really!” I retorted, smirking.

“I like her…can we keep her, LiLi?” Niall said, pulling an adorable puppy dog face. The other boys immediately joined in, chorusing. “Yeah, can we?” “LiLi, please?” “Please, please, please…hey, that’s a song!” they all asked.

Liam laughed, and pulled me into a hug. “Guys! She is my sister, shouldn’t I be asking you?” the guys all cheered. “Hey, you lot! Whoever said that I wanted to stay with you?” I said mockingly, raising an eyebrow. They all looked sad. Oops! Guess my sarcasm wasn’t simple enough for them to understand. “Gosh. I was just kidding! I’d love to stay with you!” and then was pulled into the tightest group hug I’d ever been in.


There it is, chapter Three! happy second of may! Have a nice day!


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P.S: How I imagine Lyss to look...

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