Purple Skull

One day, Daniel Marsh (son of two archaeologists) receives an unexpected visit from a colleague of his mother. After she delivers shocking news, Daniel is thrust into the world of archaeology, but finds some very strange occurences at the dig site...

'Gripping!' Fake book critic I made up to make this book look good.
'A pleasure to read, Purple Skull makes Anthony Horowitz seem rubbish!' Fake book magazine I made up to make this book look good.
'The best book ever!' Me

(Anthony Horowitz' books are much better than this, It was a joke.)


1. Prologue

"Sir! We've found something!" The man hurried curiously over to the shouting men. He and his workforce had overseen many great archaeological breakthroughs - such as the recent discovery of underground tunnels conjoining pyramids all over Egypt - yet even then they were not as excited as they were now; whatever they had found, must be incredible.

He arrived at the area, which was now crowded with astonished working men, startled by the unusual object. As he reached the center, two men were brushing away the sand around it.

After a minute or two of careful, persistent brushing, the odd artifact finally came loose.

"It's beautiful!" He exclaimed to himself, picking it up and examining the specimen in fascination. "Why, I've never seen anything like it!". That was the simple fact: he hadn't. In all his thirteen years as an archaeologist, he had never seen anything as well preserved as what he held in front of him. "Um, you men have done a wonderful job here in America. Wadd'ya say we call it a day, hmm?"

A wave of approval swept through the crowd as the sun beat down on them.

"Go on!" He shouted, smiling, "Go home and enjoy the afternoon!"

After a few minutes, the dig site was as desolate as mars: only with more plants and small animals. The man was reclining on his leather sofa in the hotel. Examining the oddity, he pondered various theories about what it could be. Perhaps it was a peculiar species of human. Perhaps it was an extinct species. Or perhaps... no it can't be. As he leaned back, he suddenly felt a bizarre flood of pain in his skull. Soon, he had passed out.

Sometime later, he awoke. What he saw was incredible...

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