The Perfectly Awkward Side

Fabian has never had a girlfriend. Actually, he's been more on the awkward side of, erm, the manliness scale. He actually quite likes it there. His books, his essay papers, the cute girl that always comes to the library with her friends...

Baylee is considered the hottest item around. She's the perfect image of a hot American teenager. Blonde, dumb, and she has the body. Sadly for all the other boys in school, she's taken by the school's biggest jerk: Andy Wilson. However, maybe their relationship isn't as society thinks it to be. Maybe the things that happen behind the scenes leave Baylee hurt, and questioning.

Find out more if you read!


8. Chapter 8: Baylee

"I'll meet up with you later!" I called to Hanna as I slipped my heels off and began up the stairs. "Go have fun!"

The carpet under my feet felt soft as I walked down the hallway. I knew where to find Andy, I had made this trip many times in the past. I pushed open a door at the end of the hallway, with a sign that said 'KEEP OUT.'

"Hey, babe." Andy slurred, a beer in his hand. He nearly fell on me. "Wannone?" His words slipped into one.

I shook my head and sat on the chair at his desk. I crossed my legs neatly, just enough to make the other boys jealous that I wasn't with them, but just enough that I didn't seem like a slut.

"Boys," Andy nearly tripped on his own feet on his way over to his friends, drinking on the other side of the room. "this," He pointed to me. "is mine. That's my girl."

I couldn't tell if he was being sweet, or acting like I was a prize. I stood.

"Now, leave us alone, so we can..." Andy leaned in to whisper to them. But you know, drunk men never whisper. "Spend time together." He winked and the other boys left. "Baylee." He smiled, turning to me. He dropped his drink. "I have a bone to pick with you."

I shook in my skin. "Oh?" I whispered. I should have seen this coming, this situation was nothing new to me.

In a moment, Andy was directly in front of me. "Sticking up for the nerd, huh?" He spit in my face. "I expected better out of you, filthy little whore."

I stood my ground, though a tear slipped down my cheek.

"Crying, Baylee?" He taunted. "Good." He leaned in closer to me, "At least you're prepared." A sharp pain filled the right side of my face. I hadn't registered what he'd done until he did it again. "You don't ever," He pushed me to the floor. "ever go against me." He was very much sober now, which made me wonder if he had ever been drunk to begin with. "Or you will pay." He kicked my stomach and I doubled over in pain.

"Help!" I screamed, but Andy leaned down and  grasped my face in his hand.

"You say nothing, bitch." He slapped me again and got up from the ground where I lay, now bruised and probably internally bleeding. He walked to the door and slammed it closed, and I heard a lock behind it.

He had locked me in.

I curled up into a ball on the floor and sobbed. He'd always threatened, but he'd never actually hit me before. I touched my face, but recoiled when the sting replaced my warm touch. I couldn't scream, no, I'd pay for that. I couldn't bang on the door, that would be undesirable too.

I hugged my knees to my chest and leaned against the back wall of the room.

That 'KEEP OUT' sign wasn't for the drinking in this room, that was clear to me now. That was so no one could get in to help me. Because like Andy said, I was his.

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