The Perfectly Awkward Side

Fabian has never had a girlfriend. Actually, he's been more on the awkward side of, erm, the manliness scale. He actually quite likes it there. His books, his essay papers, the cute girl that always comes to the library with her friends...

Baylee is considered the hottest item around. She's the perfect image of a hot American teenager. Blonde, dumb, and she has the body. Sadly for all the other boys in school, she's taken by the school's biggest jerk: Andy Wilson. However, maybe their relationship isn't as society thinks it to be. Maybe the things that happen behind the scenes leave Baylee hurt, and questioning.

Find out more if you read!


5. Chapter 5: Fabian

I clutched my phone so tight, I feared it would break. "Oh?" I asked, attempting to hide the shakiness in my voice. Why was she on Hanna's phone?

"Why are you calling?" Her question was blunt, but valid. She sounded annoyed.

"Erm, I need to speak to Hanna." My voice sounded immature, childish. "Please." I deepened my voice.

"Don't do that." She sighed on the other end and I heard shuffling. "She's right here."

I flopped on to my bed, loosening the grip I held on my phone.

"Good timing, Fabs." I could almost see Hanna on the other side of the call, her face twisted into her pouting look, her weight shifted to one hip, her knee popped. It was her I'm-so-angry-with-you-right-now stance. I knew it well.

"Sorry," I replied, still confused. "But why was Baylee on your phone to begin with?"

"She saw your texts and thinks there's something up between us." Hanna explained. I heard a slight giggle in her voice. "She's ridiculous."

"That's disgusting." I muttered, and for a moment my brain pondered the thought, then I think realization hit, and I was struck by a sudden image of dating my cousin, leaving me scarred.

"So what's up, anyways?" Hanna asked, her voice was more casual now. Her bitterness had ceased to protrude through the phone.

"Well, about that party.." I began. I bit my lip, hating the words which I knew had to come out at some point. "I don't have a ride." I mumbled.

"What?" she asked. "I didn't understand you."

I sighed, annoyed I had to say it again. "I don't have a ride."

I heard Hanna chuckle on the other end. "Oh?" I could hear her smile.

"Oh, belt up Hanna." I muttered. "I just need to get to this party."

Hanna paused. "Okay. I have an idea. But it's going to require you to get over to Baylee's house ASAP, can you do that?"

I nodded vigorously, then realized she couldn't see my gesture. "Yes." I spoke into the receiver, possibly too enthusiastically. But I had dreamed of going to Baylee's house for ages, so I did allow myself some excitement.

"Good." She replied. "Bye." The click of the line on the other end told me she had hung up and I frowned at the phone. Hanna's ideas never ended well for those she involved.

I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder. "I'm going for a walk!" I called to my sister, whom I was supposed to be babysitting while my parents were away, but she was nearly eight, she could handle herself. There was a mumble as a response from the direction of her bedroom, so I assumed that was permission enough to go. I opened the back door, as Baylee's house was behind mine, nearly directly, a short walk. I locked the door behind me, ensuring no one broke in, and stomped through the snow in my backyard. How are you supposed to have a party in the snow? I thought to myself. I mean honestly, we'll all catch a cold.

I arrived at Baylee's in less than five minutes. I froze at the door. Should I knock softly or hard enough to seem strong? Should I ring the doorbell or wait, I didn't want to seem like a pest... I stood and deliberated over my options for a little while too long.

"Fabian?" Baylee stood at the door, her hands on her hips in quite the demeaning pose. "Would you like to step inside or freeze to death?" Hanna stood behind her, her hand holding her head in an embarrassed pose.

I smiled, forcing my cheeks not to turn red. "Erm, yes. I was just about to--"

Baylee swung open the door, cutting me off. She said nothing, but simply held the door out for a moment and walked away. Hanna frowned in the direction she had left, and pushed the door open for me again, as it had slammed shut in my face.

I pushed up my glasses once I had stepped inside. "Thank you." I murmured.

"Don't take it personally." Hanna laid a hand on my shoulder. "She just doesn't want to be seen with a nerd at the party. That's why we're changing you!" Hanna exited the same direction Baylee had gone. I remained where I had entered, almost as if my shoes had been glued to the floor. Fix me?

"C'mon Fabian!" I heard Baylee call, and that was enough to shake me back to my senses. I put a smile on my face, and walked towards my demise, erm, I mean, towards Baylee's room.


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