The Perfectly Awkward Side

Fabian has never had a girlfriend. Actually, he's been more on the awkward side of, erm, the manliness scale. He actually quite likes it there. His books, his essay papers, the cute girl that always comes to the library with her friends...

Baylee is considered the hottest item around. She's the perfect image of a hot American teenager. Blonde, dumb, and she has the body. Sadly for all the other boys in school, she's taken by the school's biggest jerk: Andy Wilson. However, maybe their relationship isn't as society thinks it to be. Maybe the things that happen behind the scenes leave Baylee hurt, and questioning.

Find out more if you read!


4. Chapter 4: Baylee

I rummaged through my closet, tossing clothes in a disorderly manner.

"Baylee!" Hanna hit one of my tops out of the air, shielding her face.

"Sorry!" I called behind my back, picking up a tight red dress. It was formal, yet casual enough for a party. I laid it carefully on my bed. "This is a 'maybe'." I told Hanna. She rolled her eyes, but still nodded.

I returned to my closet. I began to vigorously search again, but coming up with nothing.

Hanna reclined on my bed. "What's got you so excited for this party anyways? Certainly not Andy."

I shook my head. "Nothing. I just want to dress nicely. There's no harm in that, right?" I found a white sundress and matched it up to a polka dotted cardigan. "Does this scream party to you?"

Hanna bit her lip. "It's too cutesy."

I nodded. "What're you wearing?" I discovered a sequined dress, one shouldered that would match brilliantly with my black heels. "Yes?" I asked, holding my dress for Hanna to see.

She smiled brightly. "Yes!" Then she glanced to her side, where my red dress laid. "Can I wear this?"

I picked it up and held it in front of her torso. "Hanna, red is so pretty on you."

She smiled and took the dress from me. She opened her mouth to say something, but her phone buzzed and interrupted her thoughts. She glanced at who it was from and slid it back into her pocket.

"Hanna, who was that?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips. A stance of control.

"No one." She shook her head. Turning away from me, she reached for the eyeshadow. Seeing this as my opportunity, I made a quick swipe at her back pocket and snagged her phone.

"Ha ha." I smiled, dangling it in front of her nose. I pushed on the lock button, and put in her password. She wasn't surprised I knew it, it would be almost sinful not to know your best friend's pass code.

I scrolled through her messages. "Hmm, me, me, me," I paused and looked up at her. "You text me a lot." Then I froze, recognizing a new name in the list. Actually a bunch of messages from this name appeared on Hanna's tiny screen. "You've been texting Fabian?" I was flabbergasted.

Hanna's eyes pleaded with me. "It's not how it seems, I swear--"

I raised my eyebrows. "Oh my god, are you dating him?"

Hanna looked as if I had just slapped her. "That is disgusting. Do not say that again."

"Then why do you have so many texts from him?" My finger hovered over the 'read' button. Just as I was about to make my decision, Hanna's phone lit up, her ringtone echoing through the silenced room.

Hanna shifted from foot to foot, listening to the ringtone sing out. "Who is it?" She said after a pause.

"One guess." I crossed my arms over my chest.

I tapped the 'answer call' that was lighting up on her phone. "Hello." I stated, not in the form of a question, the standard greeting for answering a phone call, no, I was much more solemn.

"Hi, can I speak to Hanna?" Fabian replied on the other end. "Who is this?"

I exhaled. "Baylee." I heard his sharp intake of breath into his phone. "Baylee Devon."

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