The Perfectly Awkward Side

Fabian has never had a girlfriend. Actually, he's been more on the awkward side of, erm, the manliness scale. He actually quite likes it there. His books, his essay papers, the cute girl that always comes to the library with her friends...

Baylee is considered the hottest item around. She's the perfect image of a hot American teenager. Blonde, dumb, and she has the body. Sadly for all the other boys in school, she's taken by the school's biggest jerk: Andy Wilson. However, maybe their relationship isn't as society thinks it to be. Maybe the things that happen behind the scenes leave Baylee hurt, and questioning.

Find out more if you read!


3. Chapter 3: Fabian

When I woke up, my head was throbbing.

"How are you, Fabs?" I blinked, attempting to clear my vision.

"Hanna." I murmured once I recognized the brown hair of the girl sitting on the edge of the bed. I didn't recall being moved to a bed, but I was no longer in the chair.

"Miss me?" Hanna asked, smirking.

"Would it be a sin to say 'not really'?" I replied, letting my head fall back onto the pillow.

Hanna laughed. "It would be a lie." She retorted and I snickered. No, it was definitely the truth. I had not missed her. "Well, I'm here to check on you."

"Why?" I asked sceptically. Why did Hanna suddenly care about my well being?

"Well certainly not because you're my cousin." Hanna scuffed. "That apparently is a title that means nothing to you."

I raised my eyebrows. "If you're inferring I don't care that you're my cousin, this is correct. When have you ever acted like a cousin to me? Aren't relatives supposed to be nice to each other?" I accused.

Hanna crossed her arms over her chest. "Well, I'm going to act like one now." I didn't reply, I was intrigued. "Andy Wilson, he's having this party tonight. I want you to come."

"Me?" I laughed. "What kind of sick joke are you trying to play, Hanna--"

"No joke." She cut me off. "If you say you're with me, you won't have any issues." She paused, examining my reaction. I remained motionless. "Ugh, just say you'll come?"

"This is really paining you, isn't it?" I smiled. "Being nice to your nerd of a cousin?"

She bit her lip. "This isn't for me, Fabs. This is for a friend."

I sat up. "Who?"

"It doesn't matter. If all goes well, you'll find out on your own." She looked away from me.

My tone became very serious all of a sudden. "Hanna, who is this friend?"

Hanna stood. "It doesn't matter." She repeated. "Just come, okay?" She took a few steps so she was leaning over me. She brushed a loose strand of hair out of my eyes. "And try and dress nice okay? My reputation is on the line here." Then, without another word, she glided out of the nurse's office. Leaving me stunned and alone.

As if on cue, the bell dismissing class rang and my head's pounding suddenly became apparent again. I suppose I had forgotten about it in my chat with Hanna.

"C'mon, Fabian." Miss Thompson had arrived at my side and was helping me to my feet. "Can you walk?"

I nodded, not helping my headache, but I wouldn't let Miss Thompson know that. "Thanks." I muttered and threw my bag over my shoulder. When did that get thereI wondered to myself.

I slid my phone out my pocket, constantly checking over my shoulder for Andy or anyone in his crew. I opened my messages and saw one from Hanna.

The party is at 256 Hamstrong Rd. That's Andy's house. See you there. -Hanna

I frowned and began to reply back, saying I wasn't so sure I'd be able to make it, I was feeling horribly sick, when I bumped into someone, causing my phone to slide across the tiled floor. I wandered after it, and someone's hand grabbed it before I could.

"Is this yours?"

I looked up, annoyance sprawled across my face. That disappeared when I saw the owner of the hand. Baylee Devon.

I nodded, and swallowed my embarrassment, taking the phone back from her. "Thanks." I managed, though I felt my cheeks bright red.

"No problem. Hanna said something about you coming to the party tonight? See you there, maybe?" She smiled warmly, and I could've sworn my heart melted on the spot. Then she just strolled away, so casual, as if speaking to me was something she did everyday.

I cancelled my message to Hanna. I was going to that party, no doubt about it.

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