Cherry Blossom

"why are you so obsessed with cherry blossom" I asked Clara for no reason in particular. "because cherry blossoms may not be around all year, but it always comes back...and it gives me hope that even if things are difficult and happiness slips away it will always come back to me." and that's when I new it. That she is my hope. She is my love. My cherry blossom.


6. home

"Clara, that's a beautiful name" he said smiling at me blushing slightly. "thanks" I said shyly looking down at my feet. He obviously realised this because he changed the subject "so, where do you live?" we turned a sharp corner and I pointed to a beautiful little cottage at the end of the cute little road. It was covered in beautiful coloured flowers that brightened up the beautiful cream cottage, flowers I planted myself. This was my Home. "wow, its beautiful. so, do you live here with your family?" he said. oh no this is what I always avoided. This question. "Err... actually er well my parents died when I was 7 in a plane crash. I live alone." he looked at me shocked and wordless. "oh sorry I didn't know" he stuttered obviously feeling quite embarrassed "its ok you couldn't of known" I reassured him "so you wanna come in" I asked hopefully "I would love to"

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