Cherry Blossom

"why are you so obsessed with cherry blossom" I asked Clara for no reason in particular. "because cherry blossoms may not be around all year, but it always comes back...and it gives me hope that even if things are difficult and happiness slips away it will always come back to me." and that's when I new it. That she is my hope. She is my love. My cherry blossom.


4. Harry Styles

*Walking home from school*

Great, just great. I missed my bus... Again. I really need to walk  faster. It wasn't that far to my house, but I needed to get a bus because to get to my place I needed to cross a main road. today wasn't the best day, but then again I haven't had a good day since the accident. because I'm such a loner everyone call's me names and picks on me. especially one girl, Ashley More. She was horrible to me. My worst nightmare. My biggest problem was she was the most popular person in the school, so everyone loved her and wanted to be her which meant nobody liked me, well nobody was allowed to like me because that was Ashley ordered them to do. I despise her so much that she just makes you want to punch her in the face. She calls me things like 'loser' and 'ugly weirdo' and that's just the start, but she's been my bully for as long as I remember. We met when I was living in a box under a bridge on a rainy night and she through a empty can at me and said to me "Sorry, I must of put it on the wrong  trash pile." and she lighted at me and walked of with her friends Alex and Becca, the wanna be Ashley's. why you would want to be some one as horrid and shallow as her I will never understand. "Oh look who it is, what discussing weirdo she is. I mean look at what she's wearing, and her hair looks like she hasn't washed it in days, mind you she probably hasn't because  she cant even pay for her own water." Ashley said smiling evilly at me. "Hay" a voice said from behind me, "you cant talk to her like that" I recognised him from somewhere but I can't quite guess what from. "OMG, YOUR HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION" Ashley screamed, oh yer I remember now. He's in that band. "yes I am so can you leave her alone?" he asked raising his eyebrows. " of course we will, so do you wanna hang with us" "why would I want to hang out with some one as shallow as you" he said turning Ashley smile into a frown to the point were she was about to burst into tears. not that I care, she deserved it. He turned to me, with me still in shock of what just happened, "want me to walk you home sweetheart?" he asked. I smiled as Ashley's jaw instantly dropped at his words. " err... ok, if you want to." I said then we started to walk away from Ash and her crew, who still looked completely star struck, when we turned the corner me and Harry both burst into a fit of laughter. when we'd calmed down I looked at him and said "thank you" shyly. " my pleasure" he replied standing up and reaching for my hand. He helped me stand up before saying "I'm Harry by the way." "Clara" I replied. 

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