Whispers of Secrets

In a medieval time when all magic is banned, those with 'dark powers' are forced to live away from the non-magic 'normal folk' or risk execution. Fourteen year old Lili is one of these people. As the threat of being found looms ever closer, Lili realizes that she must fight for her existence.


2. The fire

The fire is still burning across the forest. In two days or so, it will reach our part. This fire is obviously to flush out all the remaining wizards from the Dark Forest, which no living non-magic person has survived. The only one was Keith the Lucky, and he then sided with the wizards. Can you guess what happened to him? Murdered by his own people.

People are already fleeing the village, but me not so. I will just tackle the fire. This is probably less dangerous than fighting the men with their spears and bows and arrows. We are the stronger beings, but the King's men outnumber us 100 to 1. 

All through the night, and all through the day there are screams and cries in the distance, eventually burning into nothing as they succumb to the fiery embers. You would think that our people could protect ourselves against fire, and we can, but not a fire created to do evil. This must be a man-made fire.

I think to myself that it will be okay, but however much I try, I cannot convince myself. Maybe it is better if I face up to the harsh reality of out of the frying pan into the fire, as it were, although in my situation it is almost ironic.

The fire is spreading more quickly than I once thought and now only 1 or 2 miles of, smoke is rising, cruel talons curving from the thick fog. Nearly everyone is gone, especially those with young children.

Will the pain end?

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