WristBorn - The Story Of A Child

WristBorn - A new born baby girl or boy? Has been born, when she arrived. The baby bracelet is around the babies wrist showing the born date. Due to the child growing up. She decided to keep it, in memory of her twin who sadly never made it. Due to one day she wants to take it off, she realizes there is alot more connections between them than they were ever before.


2. The Travel To The School

Outside in the open world, leaving behind lonely people for the time being, is it a wonder why nobody seeks for this information. Alice went walking up to school; her father was just chilling with Cookie. Waiting for the next bus, at least she would of thought.

“Come on Alice, we going on this bus”, Stacey whispered.

“Eh... I can’t just get on any old bus; do you not know the risks?” Alice replied.

The look on Stacey’s face was something Alice had never seen before. A shocking but yet horrifying moment was about to happen.

“You’re losing it Alice; you never used to care about risks. You moved with us to stay with risks”.

Alice brushed her hair back before walking to the next bus stop. Just the sounds of Stacey’s voice echoing in the background. What a grim horrifying moment for us all.

“Alice you need to remove that tag! It means nothing to you, what do I mean to you?” Stacey asked.

“Do you really think I care? Removing it would remove me and her” Alice replied.

The pressure from the tag was certainly causing pain. Alice could feel it getting tighter every time she walked away from a friend. Even when she was just talking it seemed to get tighter on her wrist.

“Fine, I guess I will see you at school then Alice!” Stacey shouted as she held onto the rail of the bus’s entrance.

Alice felt no need to reply, she was too busy trying to stay calm. Alone once again walking to the next bus stop. Late or is it going to be something far worse?

“I can’t remove the part that is a part of me”, Alice whispered to herself. Her eyes were focusing on the sky as she whispered words.

“They may be able to split us up, yet we know we will stay together forever”, Alice whispered once again to herself. As she looked up into the clouds she did a small wave. Small tears began to roll down her cheeks. Most of the tears were sliding down her cheek bones, heading towards her birth tag.

The next bus was just around the corner; Alice felt it was a good idea to be late. Her feelings for her twin were too strong to resist on choices that were simple. It was always a difficult moment to go through alone. As the next bus arrived a little late due from a bit of traffic. Alice pushed her way through to the back of the bus, she never used manners either.

“Don’t just push me around; I won’t forgive you if you do!” Alice shouted as she sat down. All the civilians on the bus were staring at her. They seemed to find her curious and strange at the same time. One of the elderly women decided to sit at the back of the bus too. I guess she felt curious on what is wrong with this girl.

“So... Your name?” She asked. Alice looked shocked from anyone asking for her name at the start of a conversation. “You’re sick, insane speaking to me like I am someone”. Alice replied as she pushed herself into the window. Resting against the cold glass that felt good to cool her down. The lady seemed to be more curious. She wanted to know why Alice was acting this way. “Dearly I can’t help but notice that your alone back here”, the lady said. Alice’s reply was on the tip of her tongue until she realized that if this woman get’s on her good side. There would be a chance she would become weak to remove the birth tag. The woman hadn’t noticed the tag, she was not even sure if it was a fake. Until she got curious to know more about Alice, “what is that on your wrist?” Alice pushed her way further back into her seat. Trying to block out the voices in her head, well?

The woman moved a little back trying to reassure Alice she was not a complete stranger. Alice would not be so gullible to fool for a woman trying to help someone. “I know your just trying to separate us”, Alice replied as she closed her eyes. “No... I came to sit at the back. I’m lonely too girl”, The woman replied. Alice’s mood swings kicked in, “I don’t need your help! I don’t need you reassuring my life!” Alice shouted as she kicked the seat in front of her. The force of the kick was enough to knock the man into the back of the seat in front of him. The poor man had a nose bleed.

“Excuse me; do you realize what you just did to my husband?” A lady said as she rested her head against her seat. Alice looked away ignoring the damage she caused. The elderly woman was still curious about Alice’s reactions. “Please just tell me your name, I can maybe help you”, the woman whispered. Her whisper sounded safe yet kind of creepy at the same time. Alice’s reactions got worse by seconds. “Do you really think I will change for a nasty stranger like you?” Alice whispered.

Cold hearted yet it became clear to the elderly woman that she was not wanted. The voices in Alice’s head disappeared, as the bus parked up at the stop Alice was waiting for. Everyone on the bus moved out too, the elderly lady just sat there at the back. Alice was slowly walking to the exit of the bus. “Thanks for the ride”, a man thanked the bus driver. Alice heard the thank-you several times before she could hop off. The bus driver had a smile on his face, Alice saw something different.

“Thanks... For the... Ride sir...” Alice whispered. The look on the bus driver’s face to Alice’s vision was different. For just a few seconds she had seen a familiar face hidden behind the driver. Alice walked down the two steps slowly while gripping onto the rail. Finally she was out of the bus, yet she tried to forget what she had seen back there. “Looks like you made it here okay” a voice spoke. Alice then could see a figure in front of her eyes. It looked like Stacey, even sounded like her too. 

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