WristBorn - The Story Of A Child

WristBorn - A new born baby girl or boy? Has been born, when she arrived. The baby bracelet is around the babies wrist showing the born date. Due to the child growing up. She decided to keep it, in memory of her twin who sadly never made it. Due to one day she wants to take it off, she realizes there is alot more connections between them than they were ever before.


1. The Newborn Has To Take A Chance?

Wrist Born – The Lost Days of A Child

The hospital bed seems unique. The spiral of screams you hear from a hospital. Sometimes it’s happy laughs and giggles, until one day it becomes a nightmare.

“Ben, I am not sure if I want you squeezing my hand”.

“Well... I need to make sure you’re in the comfort zone”.

“You can go give comfort to your old stuffed teddy, I don’t need support”.

That night was the night a child was born. A beauty that had to take someone else’s life to be reborn. You would think it was a dream, losing someone you care about. However, she never knew her; nobody learnt her full life experience. Why? She was never given a chance.

“It’s a girl!” a voice shouted with glee.

All silence was sitting in the room, no sounds or happiness.

“Oh... Shit! She can’t be... No, we were going to have a daughter!”.

Just the sound of a never ending beep, the sound would just echo in her ears night after day.

Her poor soul has been left for another; this little newborn daughter is now a teenager.

“Dad! Dad! I don’t want cookie in my room!”  She shouted.

“Okay! Okay! I will make her some breakfast I guess...” Father said as he scratched his head.

Cookie the cat? Sounds like a interesting flavour don’t you think? Well this teenager was named Alice. It’s a wonder why her name was never found in a true wonderland.

“Alice! Come down stairs! We’re having some breakfast!”

“Okay! I’m coming dad! On my way down now!” she shouted.

Alice walked down the stairs with cookie following not far behind her. A lovely cat with a spirit full of wonder. As Alice approached the kitchen she opened the living room door, for Cookie the cat. Meow meow, some cute sounds for a cute animal.

I guess her father made her a egg and bacon sandwich, a lovely moist feeling it leaves in your mouth. Her father had to ask just one question before she could reach for her breakfast.

“Alice, why do you still have that on? Don’t you think it’s about time you remove the tag?”

Father could be stubborn at times to Alice. Yet she seemed to just get along with him using her sweet talk to keep sadness at bay.

“Dad, its fine trust me, it’s just a bracelet I like to have near me” Alice replied.

“Alice... I know we have had discussions about this before. You can’t hold it forever”.

Alice did not like the discussion slowly interrupting a relaxing day. Her father looked a little sad as he walked towards the stairs. Alice just thought of happy thoughts, things that would make her feel better about herself. Feeling more refreshed to allow relaxation to commence once more.

“Dad! I can’t talk about this! Can we talk later when I get back from school?!” Alice shouted.

“Sure... Okay Alice, just don’t be late please”, Alice’s father replied.

The kitchen was now empty; Cookie was in the living room alone. Father was upstairs alone... Not much could have made them happier; the sunlight was probably the only source of happiness. Alice remembered she has to go to school, so surely she knew she would get to have a better day with friends. The front door was soon opened, Alice walked out setting on a travel to school.

“Bye Father! I will be home at 3!” Alice shouted while closing the door slowly.

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