WristBorn - The Story Of A Child

WristBorn - A new born baby girl or boy? Has been born, when she arrived. The baby bracelet is around the babies wrist showing the born date. Due to the child growing up. She decided to keep it, in memory of her twin who sadly never made it. Due to one day she wants to take it off, she realizes there is alot more connections between them than they were ever before.


3. The Classroom & Mr Grant

“You made it here okay, you actually survived?” Stacey whispered.

Alice felt a little shy; she was also confused on the inside of whether or not she had just been on a bus.

“Yes... I made it here alive, what were you expecting?” Alice asked.

“Nothing... I was expecting nothing...” Stacy whispered.

Before Alice could question Stacy, she had run off. Alice managed to get a glimpse of Stacy bolting across the road heading for an alley way. As she walked to the entrance of the school. Alice tried to get her head straight, trying to make sense of what she had just seen.

“You made it then? Glad you have decided to finally arrive”, Mrs Whetstone said as she opened the door for Alice.

Alice nodded a little, until she walked to her classroom.

“I guess I am late... The bus weren’t that slow was it?” Alice whispered.

Before she could whisper further, she had arrived at her classroom’s door. It was pretty noisy from the inside, yet on the outside she could still hear loud noises.

“Time to go in and apologize for being late”, Alice thought.

As she pushed the door open, the first voice she heard. It was her teacher’s Mr Grant, her mind was still unclear. Yet she decided to take a seat before giving a reason for her lateness.

“Why are you so late girl? The bell went ten minutes ago”, Mr Grant asked. Alice did not feel that it was a perfect moment to reveal her lateness. As she weren’t too sure why she is ten minutes late. Her mind remembers getting on a bus, then leaving the bus just before the last bell.

“Well, I guess you can tell me in your detention”, Mr Grant said as he rested against his comfy chair.

“Why didn’t you just tell him the truth? You know the reason you were late”, Stacy whispered.

Alice ignored Stacy, trying to block out what had just happened. Until she reminded herself that she is now in a detention during lunch. What a time to be out for, so she thought.

“Pssss... Stacy how did you get here so early?” Alice whispered.

“Well I got on the bus that we should of gotten on, the bus we always take for school”, Stacy whispered.

Alice could not remember two buses; she only remembered the one she was on. Thinking back to this morning she could not even remember if she had seen Stacy.

“Are you sure your okay Alice? You seem a little well... Sorry to say this, paranoid” Stacy asked.

Alice did not like the way Stacy called her paranoid. Even if weren’t supposed to be taken offensive it still harmed her sacred feelings.

“Okay I would like...” Mr Grant stood up while talking, as he mumbled names.

“Erm... Stacy! I would like you to take down this note to the principal”, Mr Grant shouted.

Stacy stood up leaving behind Alice alone with all her classmates. Mr Grant thanked Stacy for agreeing to take the note down, he also looked in Alice’s direction.

“Alice, I would like you to go out of the room for a bit”, Mr Grant asked.

Alice nodded, Mr Grant sat back down. Yet Alice stood up moving towards the classrooms door, not long before seeing Stacy walk down the stairs.

“Alice! Where do you think you’re going?” Mr Grant shouted as he stood up once again.

Alice snapped out of some kind of trance, listening to what Mr Grant had just said.

“Sir? You asked me to go outside” Alice replied.

Mr Grant was confused; he had not given any instructions for a student to leave the room.

“No Alice, I did not ask any one of my student’s to leave the room, so sit back down please”, Mr Grant asked while wondering why Alice would think that.

Alice nodded as she stood back, slowly walking back to her seat. In just under three minutes Stacy had returned back to class.

“Stacy, thanks for taking that note down, I will have to add a few stars on your board”, Mr Grant said as he watched Stacy walk back to her seat.

“It was no problem sir, next time though I would appreciate it if you said please”, Stacy replied.

Now that Stacy had sat down, along with all of the students in the room waiting for the first period bell. Mr Grant was just reading an old newspaper since secretly he was pretty bored.

The small clock above Mr Grant’s seat was the attention hog at that moment. All students were staring at the block’s hands. Watching it go round and round, slowly moving towards the time they are all waiting for.

Before Mr Grant could announce that he has news for the class, the first period’s bell rung.

“Bye sir, I will see you again after lunch”, “bye sir”, all student left the room saying bye to Mr Grant.

Mr Grant was happy with most of the students; Alice did not bother to say thanks to him. Yet he did not really care whether or not she would have said anything.

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