WristBorn - The Story Of A Child

WristBorn - A new born baby girl or boy? Has been born, when she arrived. The baby bracelet is around the babies wrist showing the born date. Due to the child growing up. She decided to keep it, in memory of her twin who sadly never made it. Due to one day she wants to take it off, she realizes there is alot more connections between them than they were ever before.


4. Disruption In Lesson 1

Alice made her way down the stairs to her first classroom that held her first lesson. Surely it was going to be rather a subject Alice loved or hated. Stacy walked with Alice as her lesson was just in the room next to hers. Which was nice of her, at least Alice thought so.

“Well Alice, I guess I will see you at Recess, right?” Stacy asked with a small nudge.

“Yeah... Sorry Stacy, I’ll see you at Recess”, Alice mumbled as she rubbed her arm.

Not many stairs to go, just a few more until the floor she needed to be on. Stacy stopped walking the same pace as Alice, trying to get down to class faster. I guess she really cared about her attendance.

“Alice you’re in my next lesson?” A voice asked, as Alice turned around, there standing was Joe.

Alice never really spoke to Joe, due to him always seeking attention. He was a disruption to many classes along with getting him and Alice into trouble. It was a secret love triangle where they would have fun getting each other into trouble. Whether it was a serious risk well she didn’t care, neither did Joe at the time. That was in the past though right?

“Yeah, well I guess we have Science first right?” Alice asked while trying not to blush.

“Ha ha, yeah I remember when we argued with the teacher over something stupid”, Joe said while laughing a little. Alice felt the need to laugh too, trying to be friendly. Yet she was more concerned about whether she would reveal her blushing to Joe.

Finally they had reached the bottom floor, Joe walked to the classroom door. Alice followed behind as she looked around the hallway. Pretty empty at the moment, she thought.

Joe was the first to enter the classroom, not long before Alice entered the room too. The teacher once again demanded an explanation for why they are several minutes late. Since Joe always had been defending Alice, he made up an excuse to tell the teacher.

“Alice went down to the nurse miss, I was late due to well... The teacher held be back”, Joe said with a smile.

Alice was happy that Joe never revealed the real reason why they were late. Yet it kept them away from a detention, even though Mrs Brian was curious whether or not Joe was telling the truth about his little white lie. Since Mrs Brian had the phone next to her, she decided to make a call to Joe’s tutor, wondering whether or not he did get kept back. Joe was not too happy with the way Mrs Brian needed proof, yet Alice knew that it was due to Joe’s recent behaviour.

As the entire classroom was now full with all of her students, Mrs Brian managed to get a hold of Mr Payne, Joe’s form tutor. “Yes hello? Well Mr Payne, Joe has turned up late to my lesson”, Mrs Brian whispered while thinking that the class could not hear her conversation. Joe just tried not to laugh since he was now in a lot of trouble. “Well he was late to form too, yet he was the first out of the room”, Mr Payne replied. Mrs Brian said thanks quickly to Mr Payne as she cut the phone off.

“Well, Joe! I would like you to go outside please!” Mrs Brian shouted. Alice giggled a little; Joe’s always been a comedian of the classroom. Whether or not his going to get bad grades, he just loved the attention along with Alice being by his side. The rest of the class giggled a little too.

Joe walked out of the classroom as he collected his sports bag along with several other things from his desk. The door did not closed with little sound; Joe loved slamming the door to cause more disruption. Alice loved Joe’s comedian ways, yet she knew that he was also a trouble maker.

Mrs Brian was not too happy with how much time Joe had wasted of her lesson time. Of course for other reasons all students in the classroom liked Joe; it was due to him making the lesson shorter. Which was a great way to be home on time, with-out a headache from too much noise?

Mrs Brian got the attention of her class by knocking on the white board.

“Attention please class! Today we will be looking at the food chain”, Mrs Brian shouted.

“Okay miss, I guess you’re lesson is almost over though right?” One of the students said with a cheeky smile. That student that rudely interrupted Mrs Brian was another trouble maker. It was Sarah; she loved causing trouble along with arguing with teachers. Her real reason for why loved to do this was so she could bunk off. As soon as he is sent out of the classroom she can talk with her mates. Along with flirt with Joe, cause more trouble around the school during lesson times.

Of course Mrs Brian was aware of this, she had already figured out how Sarah works. Only this time her mind was more focused on teaching the students a lesson. So with-out any doubts she sent Sarah out of the room. Sarah never said anything back surprisingly, she didn’t care too much. Just walked out with no sound, yet the door was sure to slam. Joe slammed the door for her then bolted down the stairs. Sarah ran too, along with laughing loudly.

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