WristBorn - The Story Of A Child

WristBorn - A new born baby girl or boy? Has been born, when she arrived. The baby bracelet is around the babies wrist showing the born date. Due to the child growing up. She decided to keep it, in memory of her twin who sadly never made it. Due to one day she wants to take it off, she realizes there is alot more connections between them than they were ever before.


6. Alice's Just Like The Past

The cooler was not a cold place, even though you would think so. Mr Payne is the boss of the cooler, so it would make sense I guess. However, Mr Payne does like fans around the room keeping the room cool. He says that it makes the room sound up to its name, which we all know is true.

Alice walked into the cooler while noticing that Joe was also in the cooler. A little confused on how Joe was caught out in the hallways. Alice sat down a little near Joe, Mr Payne did not see them sitting next to each other to be too much of a problem. Since he knew that Alice has moved on from the past all teachers had to deal with. At least so he had thought:

“Joe? When did you place here?” Alice whispered trying to avoid eye contact with Mr Payne.

“Not long before you really, Sarah never got caught though. She ran off which is what I was intending on doing”. Joe replied with a lower toned whisper.

“Oh... Okay, well I was sent here for...” Alice replied while stumbling on her sentence.

“Yes? What did you get sent down here for?” Joe was determined on an answer from Alice.

Yet Alice could not remember the reason, she was not even sure if there was a reason.

“Alice... Alice? Are you there?” Joe asked while nudging her gently.

“Yeah... Sorry Joe, it’s just... I don’t remember why I am in trouble...” Alice replied.

Joe nodded, trying to understand what the heck is wrong with his friend. Just as Joe was going to reassure Alice, his phone’s message sound went off. Luckily it was pretty quiet, so Mr Payne never heard the sound. Alice heard it though; the first thing she wondered was who it was from.

“Oh... Sarah”, “where are you babe? I am waiting at the exit for you, don’t be late”. Joe mumbled.

Alice heard the message coming from Joe’s lips; it seemed he likes to read things out. Yet it was pretty quiet so she was not too sure if she heard the whole message correctly.

“Alice? I’m going to need you to do me a favour, since well... I did you a favour”, Joe whispered.

Alice was already thinking of what the favour was going to be, even though she did have a reason that it’s most likely going to be in her head.

“Yes? What do you want me to do?” Alice asked with a low toned whisper.

“I need you to keep Mr Payne occupied, giving me enough time to climb out the window”, Joe asked.

Alice knew that they were on the first floor, so it would be a safer landing. Yet it is still quite a height, so she pictured the worse fall that Joe could end up having from the risk of climbing out of the window.

“Okay... Joe, I’ll do it only because I owe you though okay?” Alice giggled while smiling.

“Thanks Alice, you’re the best, I love you”. Joe whispered while getting prepared to make a quick exit.

The only problem that Alice had, well it was due to her not having a plan to keep Mr Payne distracted.

“Mr Payne? Can I go to the bathroom? I have a nose bleed”, Alice asked while covering her nose.

“Alice, you’re here so you can do your work. Along with causing no disruption in class”, Mr Payne said.

“I know sir, yet my nose is seriously bleeding, please I’ll be quick as possible”, Alice asked once again.

Thankfully for Joe’s sake, Mr Payne could not stand looking at a younger girl’s sad face. It made him feel bad inside, you could call him a softy when it comes to children or teenagers.

“Thanks sir, I promise not to be too long”. Alice said with a smile, yet Alice knew it would not be enough time to allow Joe to escape. So she decided to do a fake slip on the floor.

“Bye sir, I’ll be back as soon as possible, whoa...” Alice said while fake slipping on the floor.

“Alice? Are you okay?” Mr Payne rushed to Alice’s rescue giving Joe enough time to escape.

Now the reason why Alice had such a bad past with teachers is due to her assaults. Before, Alice always had to find a way of knocking a teacher unconscious for the sake of her friends or the sake of her. It was a risky way of dealing with situations like this, yet she needed the teacher to forget that Joe was in this room.

Now that Alice was on the floor, pretending she had fallen. Mr Payne was on his knees crouched down beside her. As he tried to aid her, yet Alice saw this as the opportunity to knock Mr Payne out unconscious. So she did what she was best at, used her strength to slap Mr Payne, knocking him into the wall. It was a lucky strike, it was enough power to knock Mr Payne unconscious sort of. Either he would forget about Joe or he would suffer from headaches. Either way he would still not be focusing on what’s important. The head ache would keep him busy.

As Alice walked back into the cooler, leaving a almost unconscious Mr Payne on the ground. She decided to close the cooler door, making sure there is no evidence on Joe’s escape. Alice remembered that she was always the one to clear the evidence for Joe’s sake. They were partners in crime back then, only this time it may of become a little too serious.

Alice knew that time was short, the bell for next lesson was about to go. Just two minutes to clear up the mess Joe had left behind. As Alice was tidying this valuable evidence, she realized that Joe was going to meet Sarah. This caused her nerves to over react, her mood swings kicked in once again. Alice threw chairs across the room while stomping pencils into the ground. Alice was outraged that Joe had planned to see Sarah. I guess there was always a spark between Joe and Alice, it just happened not to flare much.

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