Safe with you

Cassie Briggs has just run away from her home, where she gets a daily beating from her abusive father. She has just moved to England where she will try and find a new life of her own. But while she is there, she finds a boy who might just take her on the best adventure of her life. While they are seemingly safe together, her father is not giving up on finding her, however. Will she be safe, or will she fall?


4. Shopping with Harry

We arrived at the mall, and he brought me to a store that was filled with surprisingly, exactly the type of clothes I was looking for. He saw me staring in awe, and smiled and said, "So do you like what you see?" And I replied by saying, "It's perfect." So after looking around for a bit, I found five shirts to try on to see which one I liked best. I went and tried one on, and Harry said, "Come out here, I want to see them on you!" And I laughed and agreed. I put on a little fashion show for him p, trying each one on, and we had a blast laughing our heads off at my attempted "model walk". When I was done trying them on, I told him that I was having trouble deciding, so he told me to get them all, because they all looked great on me. No one has told me that since my mother died. And it made me feel warm inside and I think I was really starting to like this Harry guy.

After, I told him that I couldn't waste his money like that, so then he told me that I was right, and got three dresses, lots of shoes, and a couple of pants and shorts to try on also and said, "Well if you are getting more than one shirt, might as well get lots of stuff while we're here!" I tried to refuse, but he insisted. The model show then started back up, consisting of laughing so hard I almost fell over, and actually falling over in one of the pairs of high heels I tried on. It was the best time of my life. He ended up having me get everything, because he said they were all too great on me to be put back. He was so funny and sweet, and he made me feel safe for a reason I couldn't describe. Then he said, "We don't even need to buy you makeup, it looks like you already have that covered, most girls probably want lessons on how to put on makeup so naturally like you do!" I then giggled and replied, "I don't own any makeup, but thanks anyway." He looked shocked and then said, "You are joking right? I've never seen someone look so naturally beautiful like you do." When he said this, something in my heart clicked into place and somehow, I knew he was perfect for me. He made me feel special, and warm, and gave me feelings inside that I have been numb to for many years, and most of all, he made me feel safe, like nothing could hurt me, not even my father. My father. Where is he? Is he still looking for me? Will he find me? But before I could continue to wind my self up and freak myself out, I remembered that I was with Harry, and everything was alright now. After Harry kindly paid for everything, not even allowing me to put in a penny, we walked out of the store and sat down on the bench in the mall. We smelled the hamburgers coming from the food court in the mall and suddenly our stomachs growled really loudly at the same time. We both looked at each other and started cracking up for five minutes straight. When we were finished laughing, we both realized that we hadn't eaten yet, due to the soup incident, and decided to go grab some lunch together.

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