Safe with you

Cassie Briggs has just run away from her home, where she gets a daily beating from her abusive father. She has just moved to England where she will try and find a new life of her own. But while she is there, she finds a boy who might just take her on the best adventure of her life. While they are seemingly safe together, her father is not giving up on finding her, however. Will she be safe, or will she fall?


5. Out to lunch

Harry and I went to eat lunch at the food court in the mall. While we stuffed our selves with pizza, we decided to talk about our lives a bit. As it turns out, he is a year older than me, and he is two inches taller than me. When he asked me what brought me to Doncaster, I found no reason to lie to him about my personal life like I do most people.

I usually lie to people and tell them a fake story about my life so that my dad won't hear that I told someone about the bad things he has done to me and beat me harder, maybe even kill me. But, to Harry, it is different. I feel safe around him, even if I just met him. Something about him, I can't put my finger on, makes me trust him.

So I told him everything. Every last bit of the truth. From every beating to every meal that my father didn't let me eat because he told me that I was too fat and eating would make me even uglier than I already was.

Well, actually I didn't tell him EVERYTHING. I told him all, but left out the part that my father would also sexually abuse me, because that was a topic for a different time.

After I told him. I had been looking down to the ground the whole time and when I felt my cheeks, it turned out I had been crying, and when I looked up at him, I found him crying too.

Without saying anything he just came over and gave me a hug, and held me like that for ten minutes. We just stayed there, inhaling each others sadness, pain, sorrow, torment, everything, and turning it all into pure care for each other. I didn't care that we were in a food court of a mall. It felt so right, and I never wanted it to end.

I hadn't been hugged since my mother died, and a feeling was brought back to me that I also hadn't felt since her death, love. Not like a love like a deep love, but a love where you know someone cares about you, is there for you, wants to help you if you are hurt, inside or out, and this is exactly what Harry brought to me.

When we finally broke apart from the hug, I decided to make the mood happier by asking about his life. He told me that he was born in Bromsgrove, England on February 1, 1994, and that his mom's name is Anne and his dad's name is Des. He told me about how they got a divorce when he was seven an he lives with his mom but is still close with his dad. He also told me that he has a sister named Gemma who is 21 years old. Also, he told me that he was in a band called One Direction. I knew that they were world famous, and almost every girl who saw them would faint or drop dead (who knows which), and every guy would instantly steam with jealousy and seethe with anger about how unfair it was that they got every girl and whatnot, but for me, it was a much simpler deal. 

 I had never really heard their music, or at least couldn't name that a song was their song if i heard it, but lots of the girls in my town were obsessed with them, and I mean O B S E S S E D. It didnt occur to me that he was in that band, but i bet if I were any other girl in my state, they would know instantly. 

He told me about other things in his life as well, and about an hour later, we were finished, had paid the bill and we went and sat on the bench again. "I just realized, if it is your first day here, do you have any place to stay?"  And I just replied by meekly shaking my head no. Expecting a different response, I heard him say, "Great! You can stay with me and my friends, we have a spare room, and we are on break from tours right now for a while, but you only have to stay with us if you want too." And I smiled and hugged him and said that that would be really fun. So, we got to his car, stuffed all of my many shopping bags in the trunk, and headed off to my new home. 

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