Safe with you

Cassie Briggs has just run away from her home, where she gets a daily beating from her abusive father. She has just moved to England where she will try and find a new life of her own. But while she is there, she finds a boy who might just take her on the best adventure of her life. While they are seemingly safe together, her father is not giving up on finding her, however. Will she be safe, or will she fall?


3. Meeting Harry

I fell asleep for the rest of the plane ride, and woke up to the voice of a flight attendant tapping me on the shoulder and saying, "Miss, we have arrived in Doncaster." I opened my eyes slowly and groggily replied, "Thank you." I undid my seat buckle, and headed out of the plane with my backpack. When I got into the airport, I saw many families greeting their loved ones and heading off to where they were going to stay. Me, however, I wasn't headed anywhere. I hadn't made any plans as far as getting in that flight, because I didn't think that it was even a possibility that I would really make it here.

Ater some thought, I finally decided on taking a bus to downtown and hung out at the local park for a while when I felt my stomach start to grumble. I grabbed some money out of my backpack and headed to the nearest deli. Before I ordered, I went to look for a sign that said bathroom, but then I remembered about ten minutes after looking around with no success that in England they call bathrooms a Loo. So, I went and used the restroom, and when I was washing my hands, I looked up into my reflection and looked over myself for a moment. I had long, blonde hair, green eyes, I was not too pale, and I had freckles going across the bridge of my nose, I was about 5'8 , and was pretty skinny. I don't wear makeup (well I might if I owned some), but I think I might be what someone may even call pretty, if it weren't for all of my scars and bruises that covered my body. But my sense of style wasn't quite there, either. Today I was wearing a ratty old t-shirt that read "Brick House Pizza" across the front. I was also wearing some torn up, old jean shorts that I had had for years. The change of clothes that I had brought was not much better either. I made a mental note to buy some new clothes later. My stomach growled again, and i decided i needed to go order. 

I was walking over to the line for ordering your food when suddenly a boy who was holding bright red tomato soup turned around quickly and ran into me and spilled his soup all down the front of my shirt! "I'm so sorry!" We both exclaimed at the same time. "No, really love, that was my fault." The boy said. He had a husky voice with a British accent, which I kind of found soothing. I studied the boy for a moment and found that he was not too bad looking. He had brown hair that swept across his forehead, he was tan, had perfect teeth, and he had emerald green eyes that sparkled. He looked about my age, 18, and a couple inches taller than me. But before I could finish my assessment of him, he interrupted my thoughts by saying, "Here, let me help clean you up." I just nodded okay. He went and got a rag and started cleaning up the mess he had made on my shirt when he stated, "It doesn't look like it is coming out. Here, why don't I go take you to get a new shirt!" I replied by saying, "No, it's alright, you really don't have to do that." But he came back by saying, "No, it's my treat!" And I accepted his offer finally. He then said, "Oh and by the way, my name is Harry Styles. Nice to meet you." And I replied, "My name is Cassie Briggs, nice to meet you too." Then he asked, "So which stores are your favorites?" I came back by saying, "I don't know, this is my first day here. But I would like a style a little girlier than what I am currently wearing, if you get what I mean." We both laughed and he said, "I think I know the perfect place." 

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