A History Of Secrets

as seen on wattpad, Vanilla Moon is a young girl moving from NYC to Scotland, and there she meets strange boy Ayden.


1. Introduction


The world is truely an amazing place to be. There are many things that make this world the way it is, and the people who are in it. The scent of fresh coffee in the morning, the feeling of achievement, and the sight of the people we love. It all contributes to who you are. The people you love influence you. The people you love go way back, and they too have done things that make them who they are. So what if someone did something so extraordianary that it changed their children and thier grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren? What if something that one person did changed their generations to come? Is it possible to turn back time and change that? 

a history of secrets  is about a young girl's adventure to do with love, adventure, and turning back time.

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