Everyone now has a constant stream of information flowing into their heads. News, films, music, books. It's never-ending.
Ana has finally had enough.
She wants out.
She wants to stop the Stream.


6. Six

“Bel, I need your help.”


Bel Minnow is quite possibly the only person in school that might be willing to help me. Her family originally came from New Demeter, so she has the typical looks of a native – pale skin, thin pale brown hair, large brown eyes, tiny build. She shuts her locker, looking at me, slightly scared.

“Give me an electric shock.”


“You heard me. Give me an electric shock.”

Bel stares like I’m insane.

“How?” she says.

“Isn’t your uncle a police officer?”


“Nick his taser.”


“Take his taser!”

Bel looks at me.

“Please, Bel.”

“When do you want it?”

My heart skips. “Today. Soon as you can.”

Bel fishes her mobile from her pocket, still looking at me anxiously. She dials a number then puts it to her ear. “Hey, Uncle Tom? Can I borrow your taser?”

I smile.

The Poetry Channel plays.

“And forevermore I will love you, my heart jumps when you say it back.................”

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