Everyone now has a constant stream of information flowing into their heads. News, films, music, books. It's never-ending.
Ana has finally had enough.
She wants out.
She wants to stop the Stream.


9. Nine

“Hey, Kai.”


“It’s Ana. Tia Jeffries’ sister.”

“Oh! Hi Ana. What is it?”

“I just wanted to tell you something.”


“It stopped.”


“The noise. It’s stopped.”

I hit ‘end call’ and breathe in a breath of fresh air, with a hint of salty tang.

I splash my bare feet in the cold water, laughing.

The sea is beautiful.

It’s cold, the sand is wet, and crabs could pinch my toes at any second.

But I don’t care.

As soon as I got out of school, I looked up countries where a Stream is not compulsory.

There was only one.

I booked two tickets for the ferry to New Hermes as soon as I got home and told Tia to pack her bags.

I’m planning on getting hers removed as soon as we arrive.

I stole some money from my Mum to buy a flat.

I hope she can forgive me.

I’ve already applied for a job in New Hermes.

Tia waves to me from the dock.

I laugh again and run to join her, kicking up the tide as I go.

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