A day in the park

Write about the picture competition. Sorry about the chapters but something went wrong, please just read it as one. Please comment what you thought.


2. A day in the park 2

my choice of clothes, shoes and the rest of my features,his eyes met mine. His gaze was deep and longing, it was like he was looking straight through my dark brown eyes, through my pupils and into my thoughts. Suddenly feeling very self concious, I snapped off the contact. 

     "So pink balloons, that's a strange thing to collect." His smile still confident, he let out a small chuckle that went into my ears and flowed through my body, calming me again.

     "I'm a balloon seller. Here have one, on me." 

     "Haha. Why thank you kind sir." All though I laughed, deep down I thought it not a joke but a kind gesture. I really hope he's always like this.

     "Are you single?" Ok that one I didn't expect even from this ultra confident Dylan.

     "Whoa! You're a bit confident aren't you?"

     "Well it's kinda a package deal, it comes with my cocky charm and charisma."

     "That's a good enough answer I suppose. Yes."

     "Well come on then." He said as he got up.

     "What? Where?"

      "Well first we're going to give these balloons out to all these kids and then I'm taking you for ice cream."


     "For our first date."

     "I said I was single not that I wanted to go out with you."

     "Ok then, Sarah, will you go out with me?"

     "Ok then... Mr Cocky."

     "You got that right."

     How could this be happening? i'd spent five minutes with this guy, only know him as Dylan Cocky, which I'm guessing isn't his real last name and we're boyfriend and girlfriend! But somehow, i don't care. Right now we're sprinting across to a group of kids that we don't know, probably looking like complete idiots but Dylan's still got that same reassuring smile on his face, if a bit goofier. And my smile's probably even goofier than his but i don't care. For the first time in life since childhood, i don't care what people think of me. And it's all thanks to Dylan.      

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