The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!



I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs and was inmedietly nauseous   I don't think it was the burger anymore but rather morning sickness. I got up and tried to ignore it but it permeated the whole house with the stench. I threw up and then brushed my teeth. Instill really hated throwing up and had a bit of a phobia but I was a little more comfortable with it now. I headed downstairs and right out onto the back porch. It was a beautiful day and I sat down in the love seat on the patio with a pair of sunglasses. I looked at my surrounding when I realized, the boys had a old fashion swig on a trees branch in the backyard. I got up and sat on t a s started to swing. The breeze felt great but my growing baby bump got in the way. After about five minutes of swinging I heard the porch door slide open and then someone say,"having fun are we?" I slowed down and saw Niall coming across the yard with a smirk on his face."yes we are having fun." I smiled at my little joke. Niall rested his hand on my stomach and rubbed it."so I've been thinking, were going to have a family soon and we love each other right?" I nodded "right." He continued " so I thought were going to spend forever with each other right?" I smiled "of course." He smiled and then got down on one knee. I covered my mouth with my hand as it opened wide."so, autumn grace tolls, will you marry me?" I stared at the ring. It was beautiful. Not a huge diamond, but rather small and elegant. It was unique and the band hand a cine like design. I loved it. I nodded my head yes and took my hand off my mouth." YES YES YES YES I'LL MARRY YOU!" I jumped off the swing and jumped on him. I gave him a kiss and he slipped the ring on my finger. I was crying tears of joy now and Niall wiped one away with his thumb. "So mrs.Horan what would you like to do now?"I looked him straight in the eye and said," I can't hunk of a few things to do." I slowly kissed him and he got the idea. 

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