The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!


12. Why me?!

I woke up to the beds bright white sheets. His sometimes those could get pretty annoying. I reached over to snuggle with niall when I remembered that he and the boys had a photo shoot today and wouldn't be home 1:00. I glanced at the clock then did a double take and had to look again. It was already 12:34!I had better get up and ready. I got out of bed and started to stretch when I noticed something. It looked like something red on the sheets. I pulled back the covers to investigate and them gasped I shock. I immediately started searching myself for any cuts but I didn't have any. Strange. I looked at the sheets and decided to throw them out. I guess I was getting rid of the sleep shorts also. Once I made my way upstairs I realized why there was blood on the sheets. My period. It had come for the first time while I was sleeping!! I grabbed the iPhone Perrie and I bought the other day and ran to the bathroom. I locked the door and dialed Perries number. "Hey autumn what's up?" "Oh god Perrie I'm so scared. Niall and the boys are at a photo shoot but they are going to be here in..." I glanced at the clock. 12:48!! "12minutes. I don't know what to do!!" "Whaoh woah woah. Lets slow down a minute live. What happened?" "Perrie, i got my period. While i was asleep!" "Oh my god honey  i'll be right over dont worry and ill bring stuff. Just hang toght in about 5 minutes away." "Alright see you then. And hurry!" I hung up and looked at rhe clock again. It aaid 12:53 this time. Shit! Wjat was i going to do! I paced as i anxiously waited for perrie. After what seemes likeforever i heard the door open. Oh thank god perrie is finay here. "Im up here perrie!" I yelled. Then i hears thunping and male voices. No. The boys had neat her. "Perrie? Is perrie coming over?" I heard Zayn say. "Im not sure ill go ask autumn" i heard niall say then come thumping up the stairs. "Aumtumn? Hey where are you baby?" Oh god. Shod i say anything? Ugh here it goes. "Yeah im in the bathroom. I juat called perrie over to help me out. Its no big deal go downstairs." I heard niall walk over the the bathroom door. "Help? Are you okay in there babe?" "Yeah yeah im fine niall just... Girl stuff. Go downstairs and hang out with the boys" Even i didn't sound convincing to myself but niall gave me the benefit of the doubt and left. Well, that's one disaster adverted. At least I had remembered to replace the sheets in our bedroom. I heard my phone ping and grabbed it off the counter. The screen said, new text from perrie: hey I got here and saw the boys car out front. I snuck past them and I'm standing in your room where are you?, I opened the door and saw perrie there. "Over here perrie." She was holding a large handbag. I motioned for her to come in and she stepped into the large bathroom with me. She took one look at me and gasped. I had blood all over my shirts and had shed a few nervous tears so my eyes were probably red and puffy. "Oh sweetie. Alright don't worry. We will have to throw out those clothes though. I'm going to grab a new pair of clothes for you and just get rid of those." Petrie explained what everything was and how to use it then went to get me my clothes. After I had cleaned up I took a shower and put on the Victoria's Secret, pink sweatpants and a black tank top. She parlayed some hollister perfume on me and then we headed down stairs. Niall was the first one to approach me once we got down there. " hey babe. What took you so long?" "I had to take a shower niall. You know new day, new shower? Good you boys can be so absent minded sometimes" I was suddenly really mad and frustrated.  Who was he to tell me I took a long time. I had important things to do! "Whoah. Sorry I asked babe. Didn't mean to get you mad." " yeah well, you did." I spat out the last part then grabbed the bowl of chocolate ice cream I had been making and went to the living room. No one else was I there so I put on my favorite movie that I had recently discovered. I think I like it even more than the notebook. This movie just makes me feel better. I don't know why... Lemonade mouth started playing and I was eating my ice cream when a horrible radiating discomfort came from my abdomin. What the heck! I better ask Perrie maybe she'll know. I was going to grab my phone to ask her but it hurt to bad. I was curled into the fetal position quietly moaning when niall came in. He immediately rushed to my side. As he knelt down he asked " babe what's wrong are you okay? " " yeah in fine just a stomach ache." I finally grabbed my phone and texted Perrie: my abdomin hurts sooooo bad! It that normal? In seconds Perrie replied with; yes autumn. You're just getting cramps. You might have really bad ones. Everyone has different ones. It's fine. Oh good. I breathed a sigh of relief mainly because the cramps has stopped " I'm fine it's only cramps niall" ooops! As soon as it was out of my mouth I flushed. I didn't need niall to know I was on my period. Oh god. How embarrassing. " oh okay. So you want me to get you some aspirin?" Wow. He was still so loving and caring even on an awkward topic for boys. ". Oh yes that would be great thank you niall" once he left I had to squint my eyes closed because the pain from my stomach and my back combined was horrible. God why isn't this over yet. Ooooh I hate this. Niall came back in and handed me tha aspirin and a glass of water. I took the medicine and drowned the water. It wasn't instantaneous however so I laid on my stomach and put my hands on my back and groaned. " do you want my to give you a back rub?" Niall asked. Oh god that would be perfect!" Yes please" he starred on my Lower back where the pain was , bless his heart, and it felt great. " thank you so much niall this feels much better." My eyes were drooping and inward feeling sleepy now. " go to sleep babe. It's fine."  " night niall. See you soon." And with Niall rubbing my back and lemonade mouth rocking the Halloween bash I fell asleep 

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