The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!


7. Telling it all

"I was three when my mom died.  I can barely remember her. I have seen only one picture of her. She was so beautiful. I miss her so so much. But, my dad, he turned bitter once she was gone and he started to drink. A lot. He would have friends over and make me his servent. They thought it was funny. But one night while they were there I refused to get them drugs and my dad sent them all home. Then he punished me. I couldn't eat or walk for days. He took my pride away but, never my Innocence" Niall got up from his couch bed and laid down beside me. 

"It's okay. Noone here wants to hurt you. That man should be killed for what he's done." Oh my. Niall was crying. Over me.

"I don't really want to trust anybody but you make me feel so safe. I think I do trust you." Now I was also tearing up.  

"I like you autumn. I like you a lot" and with that he started to lean over me. Obmygoodness ohmygoodness. My first kiss!! Niall wears going to kiss me. I closed my eyes and then Felt his soft lips on mine. This was the way I wanted to live my life. In that glorious moment I made a decesion. To try. Try to trust. Try to love. And for Niall's sake try to forgive. 

"Was that okay?" Niall asked. 

"That was perfect" I replied while giggling like a school girl

"you have the most beautiful laugh I have ever heard. " he stated in awe.

"I'd like to know more about you niall. I mean we did just kiss so, what should I know about you?

" My full name is Niall James horan. I'm from Ireland and I have a brother who's name is Greg! I also love food. And eating. "

" okay well niall James horan. My name is autumn grace tolls and I am from New York. "

Are you serious?"

"yup. Born and well I was not exactly raised there. We moved once my mom died. Now I live in London."

"autumn. Tomorrow I want you to meet some people."


"Just zayn's girlfriend. Well take its slow. Then you can meet Louis and Liam's."

"alright" Now I was stressing about meeting her. Will she like me? Will she think im weird? I hope she doesn't. I'm just starting to be happy again." What's her name?"

"Perrie. In sure you'll like and and I know she'll like you. You guys could even go shopping together." 

"Lets just take it slow. Okay? I may trust you but that doesn't mean I trust everybody else"

"I just have one more question. If you trust me, what would you think I would try to hurt you?"

"that's all everyone's ever done to me niall. Hurt me. I know not to expect caring and compassion from everybody. For example, Did you know I've never gone to school? My mom didn't like the idea of preschool and day care so she took care of me. She died before it was time for me to go to preschool though and my father didn't want to send me to school. He would rather have a servant. I can't read it write and I don't know any math or history."

"Don't worry. I'll teach you. And we don't have to tell the boys if you don't want to." This guy was perfect. I think he might be just what i need. 

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