The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!


29. Please, please save me!

I woke up tied to something soft but worn and had tape over my eyes and mouth. I started to thrash trying to get out. I finally got one arm free and took the tape off my eyes and mouth. I was at my old house strapped to my bed. I don't have any time to stall, I thought and fished out my phone. I fumbled around for a second but finally got Niall's number. It only had to ring once for him to pick it up. "Autumn?! Autumn?! Are you okay? What happened? Where are you?" I sobbed and said" niall it's my dad! He took me and were at my old house. 559 blueberry drive. Please help! I don't know how long I have before he comes back." I heard niall transfer the news and then started I talk to me again. "Alright princess were on our way. What's going on. Are you hurt? Is the baby hurt?" I sniffled "no the baby's fine and I just have a cut on my head." All of the sudden I heard footsteps up the hall. "Niall he's coming. Oh god. Please hurry. I rushed over and locked the door. "What should I do niall? Im so scared." "Alright princess. Don't worry we're on our way. Just hold tight.and remember I love you forever and ever." "OPEN THIS DOOR YOU LITTLE BITCH! OR I'LL  BREAK IT DOWN!" I sobbed. I curled into a corner and put a hand on my baby bump as he kicked the door. "Well be alright. Okay? Don't ever question" I heard the door splinter from the force of his kicks and swung open. I trembled as he looked at me, fire in his eyes. "Oh your gonna get it now girl. You shouldn't have done that because see I don't like messin up my house! Your are gonna pay. In any way you can." He gripped my arm and threw me on the bed. I was frozen with fear. He started to remove my shirt but I fought. He slapped me, hard. "Stop fighting. You owe me." He pulled off my pants too. I was bawling now. He removed my bra and I curled into a ball. "Stop making this harder than it had to be." He said as he ran a hand down my bare spine. It gave me chills. Right before he took my underwear off I heard police sirens outside. I sighed in relief. He must have heard me because he grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "You called them?! Did you call them?!" I cried as I was violently shaken. I heard them break open the door and rush room to room. He pulled me close to him and hid us behind the bed." Ssshhh. Don't make a sound." He whispered in my ear. I trembled in fear, silent tears making their way Down my face. When the people got to the room I screamed and they rushed over. They threw my dad on the floor and handcuffed him. I was handed to a different police officer. I was shirtless so I covered my bare breast with my hands. I was led outside and I spotted niall. "NIALL!" I shouted to him and we ran together. I hugged him extra tight. "I was so scared niall!" He kissed my head and noticed I was lacking clothing. He instantly ripped off his shirt and gave it to me. I took it gratefully and we kissed. "He didn't rape me of you were wondering. He was going to though. That the scary use part. He was going to and he would have done it no matter how much I fought." He kissed my head and said "I'm here princess. You won't have to worry about him anymore okay? He's going from your life as of today." I smiled up at him through my tears. "Thank you for being my hero. We both appreciate it." He looked at me strangely. "We?" I took hi hand in mine and placed both of them in my small baby bump. "We". He smiled and kissed me once more. Our perfect moment was interrupted my a officer. "Um, exuse me if imay, but mrs.tolls well be needing to bring you to the station to get your report. I groaned and rested my head on Niall's shoulder. It had been a long long night and, it was about to get even longer. I turned to face the officer and said "alright I'm ready." I had forgotten about the cut on my head but the officer must have noticed it because he winced and said "ma'am you need to get that looked at by a paramedic." I reached up to touch it and pulled my hand away quickly. It was an open wound and that stung. We walked over to the ambulance (niall and I)  and when we got there niall picked me up and put me on the bed in the ambulance. I smiled at him. Oh who was I kidding. I leaned forward and gave him a 'I love you' kiss. When we pulled away all we did was smile until the paramedic stated" I'm sorry to interrupt but, I need to clean your wound ma'am." I nodded and let him start to clean out my cut. Whatever he put on it stung so I squeezed Niall's hand. He squeezed back as support. After about 5 minutes the man put butterfly bandages over the cut. "Alright you should be good to go, if you expireience any headaches we would like you to go to the hospital. Alright?" Niall answered for me. "Alright. That's fine." Niall picked me up and we got into his car and niall buckled me in and everything. "I'm not a child you know. I can take care of myself." I smiled at Him. "Yes but you're WITH child so I get to take care of both of you!" He smiled triumphantly. I just laughed. "Hey I'm going to go talk to the officer and text the boys you're okay. Stay here and don't leave. alright princess?" I rolled my eyes. "Oops I thought I would go and see the Great Wall of china while you were away."I snapped my fingers. "You soiled my plan."  He just rolled his eyes back at me and shut the car door. He motioned for me to lock it through the window and I did so. I looked around at the police cars and noticed one had bars in the windows. I looked a little closer and the saw a pair of hands shoot through and slam the glass. Two police officers fished over and started yelling at the man, Who im assuming was my father, to knock it off or else they could charge him with a number of other things. I turned in the radio until I heard little things by one direction come on. I smiled, closed my eyes, and just listened to it. After a minute I started to cry. That song was just so beautiful. The car door opened and I shot up turning off The radio and wiping my tears. Niall noticed. "What. What's wrong?"  "Oh nothing just you know, nothing." He knew it was something so he turned on the radio and little things was still on. "Fine you caught me. I was listening to little things and I got a bit emotional." He just laughed and kissed my head. "We can go to the police station tonite if you want or, tomorrow." I thought about it. "Let's get it over with tonite."he nodded and we drove to the police station. 

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