The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!



today niall said he would finally take me to see perrie. i was exited but also incredibly scared all at the same time. i was supposed to meet perrie yesterday but niall and i got a little...busy.zayn said that it was alright though because he called to tell her we would problably be too busy to meet once they found us in the kitchen. wow. embaressing much? all this had run through my head and more by the time niall woke up. we had slept on the lounge because the bed was wet and cold. "hey babe. you awake already?"

"yeah i woke up early and i couldn't fall back asleep. you look beautiful when you sleep" i blurted out suddenly. niall had a shocked look on his face because he was totally unprepared for me to say something like that."well, i think that you look beautiful all the time" he told me. i felt my face and ears go red. "no one has ever told me i was pretty let alone beautiful." i whispered."well that's just a darn shame because i think you are the most beautiful woman i have ever laid my eyes on." i flushed even more (if that was possible) and rolled out of bed. well, lounge."i need to take a shower" i said and walked off into the bathroom. o.m.F.G. Niall Horan just called me beautiful. i strutted over to the shower feeling confident for the first time in my life. in fact, i was so confident that i left the bathroom door unlocked as i showered. after i got out i let niall hop in the shower and deciede to choose my outfit. i finished deciding and let the towel drop. i slipped on some underwear and was about to put on my bra when niall walked into the bedroom. "TURN AROUND!DON'T LOOK AT ME!" i screetched as he stood there staring at me from the doorway.i pulled my hands up to cover my bare breasts and Niall suddenly sprung to action and covered his eyes with his hands."i-im sorry i thought you would have been dressed by now. i didn't mean to walk in on you. i'll just wait in the bathroom." he rushed back in and shut the door. i put my hands down and used them to pull my hair up with an elastic. Niall had almost given me a heart attack. just as i went to tie my hair the boys burst into the bedroom saying" we heard screaming are you guys all right?" once again i screetched and covered myself, this time however i started crying. the boys had actually seen me this time. i was sure of it. i felt so utterly exsposed so i ran into the bathroom. niall came out just as i went in and i slammed the door shut. i could hear him yelling through the door." are you all mad!? did you not think to knock first?" "well we heard screaming!" they boys were trying to justify themselves. "thats becuase I had just accidentaly walked in on her changing!" after a few more heated words i heard the boys leave." Autumn? can i come in?" "n-no i'm not clothed!" "alright well im going to leave your clothes right outside the door and im going to get changed out here. is that okay?" "it's fine" as i dressed i thought about how this was a great start to the day. i can only imagine how the rest of the day was going to go."Niall?" i called through the bathroom door. "are you all finished? "" yup you can come out." i breathed in and then walked out. Nialls eyes widened. i had chosen a baby blue dress that was strapless and the hem ended right above my knee. i waned to try to impress perrie and, i guess niall too. "wow" niall breathed out. "you like?" i said as i twirled around in the dress. "i love "he said breathily. he walked over to were i stood and grabbed my hips in his large hands and started to kiss me senseless. all to soon i felt nialls pocket vibrate." niall your phone." he groand and looked at the screen. after a second he chuckled and said" zayn says that perrie is down stairs and they're waiting for you. i buried my head into his shoulder. i felt really quesy. along with the nervousness of meeting perrie i was also nervouse to see the boys after they had seen me half naked. niall pulled my head up with a grin then frowned when he saw my expression."babe if you don't want to go i can tell them you're not feeling really isn't a big deal."   "no,no i'm fine just a little nervouse. niall when they barged into the room earlier... i know that they saw me and i just felt so exposed and i don't know how im going to look them in the eye knowing that they have seen me naked!" i looked up into his shocking blues with my teary hazels. " i told them that they had better not ever think about what they saw again because if the tried to make a move on you or make you uncomforatable that i would beat them sensless. and i meant it. im not going to let anyone put you in that positiion. i want you to be comforatable with me and the boys. not afraid. ok?" "alright" after nialls little pep talk i was ready to go downstairs.  

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