The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!



 After niall and my's little *ahem* rendedevue I got dressed and niall watched me from bed." Come on lazy butt. I'm still hungry" niall just smiled at me "oh but princess that was only one round. I think I'm good for a few more." I thought on his over and man was I tempted but, my stomach won. "I can't babe. I'm to hungry." I left the room and went to the kitchen. I looked at my lunch and discovered half of my fries were missing. I knew right away who had done it. "LOUIS. GET IN HERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE!" Louis walked in with his head head hung. He looked up at my angry expression then dashed back into the living room. I ran after him an he hid behind the couch with the guys on it. I stood in front of the T.V with my hands on my hips and tapped my foot."Louis Louis Louis. I'm eating for two you know. I can't afford to loose any food." I put on my best sad face. Louis came out from behind the couch and said "sorry autumn. They just looked so good" I laughed and said, "forgiven." "Hey! You were just messing with me!"I giggled as Louis put on an angry face and say down on the couch like an angry 4 year old with his arms and legs crossed and a pouty face. I walked over and hug Louis "I'm sorry Lou bear. You forgive me!" He sniffed his nose and turned away. The door bell rang and I said "I'll get it" I walked over to the door and opened it with a smile but as soon as I saw who it was my smile faded."OH HELL TO THE NO." It was that blonde from the bar the seduced niall. "I know that you're not here Bitch cause if you were we would have some problems." The busty blond sneered at me and said "and who might YOU be?" With an attitude."I would be Niall's girlfriend" I crossed my arms."yea right. Like niall would ever go after an ugly whore like you." My jaw dropped."look who's talking!" I shot back. Then, she did the worst thing you could do to a pregnant woman. Oh it was on. I picked her right under the eyes in retaliation. She shoved me further into the house and I shoved her back. She punched my eye and I pulled her hair. She punched me on the lip and j started to bleed so I stomped on her foot then punched her in the eye again. She shoved me again. Hard. I went flying across the floor and ht my head on the corner of the wall.i grimaced in pain and put my hand to me head. When I pulled my fingers away there was blood. I was shaking with rage. The boys must have heard all of our commotion and come out into the hallway. They saw me on the floor, bleeding from my head and lip, and that other girl standing in the hallway."what's going on here?!" Harry shouted. "That BITCH slapped me!" I got up to go at her again but Liam held me back. "You hit her?!" Harry screamed at the woman. "Well she called me a whore!" I yelled from Liam's arms,"oh please I know you are!" I struggled against Liam's arms and she struggled against Harry's. "NIALL! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!" zayn yelled. Niall quickly came down and was shocked at the sight he saw before him. Me bleeding from my lip and blood on my neck from my head fighting against Liam's arms to get to that woman and her, with a swollen eye fighting against Harry's arms to get to me. Niall immediately ran over to me. "Oh my god autumn are you okay?" He touched my lip gently and inspected my head. He looked at the other woman and shouted "what are you doing here?!" She just smiled "I thought you might want to see me. It's been a while and we never got to finish what we started."  Niall just shook his head in disgust "I never want to see you again. I told you that already. Anything we did was wrong. I love autumn and I made a mistake that almost cost me her. I'm never going to do anything like that again. I can't loose autumn. I love her much."he turned to me and touched my cheek. I leaned my head I to his touch."alright Liam I think I'm fine now. You can let go." Liam nodded and released me. I hugged niall and he gave me a peck in the forehead. "You can leave now. And don't come back." Harry spat at the blonde. She left on a huff muttering something about stupid boys. As soon as the front door closed the boys were all over me   "Are you hurt? Do you need to lie down? Should we go to the hospital? You're bleeding!"  I was overwhelmed "alright alrigh alrigh guys in fine. In just really hungry. Like for real in starving." Niall led me into the kitchen and I sat down in front of my food. I took a huge bite of my burger and moaned. It was soooo good. I gobbled it down in seconds and then devoured the few fries I had left. Deter all the food was gone I sat back in my chair and worked on the milk shake. I looked up to see niall staring at me with a worried expression."what's wrong NI?" "You're still bleeding autumn." He reached over and took my milkshake. I was going to protest until he said," I'll be right back with a first aid kit." He was so sweet. I love him to bits. He does things like this and I just melts my heart to know I love someone who loved me back and treats me right. Niall was back in a flash. He problably ran because I saw the subtle heave of his chest he was trying to hide. The boys walked into the kitchen right before he started. "Well well well. Looks like we got a badass in the house!" louis whooped I rolled my eyes and said "she was asking for it alright?" "Yeah what exactly did she do?" Harry asked "umm she called me and ugly whore and I said look who's talking and then she hit me and my hormones are kind of raging so it really pissed me the fuck off and I punched her." They all just looked at me. "What?" Everyone started laughing."we'll looks like someone can defend herself!" Zayn shouted. Niall whispers in my ear "that may be true but I will always fight for you so you wont have to get hurt. I would never want to see that again. When I saw you all beaten up my heart stopped. I got so scared. I love you too much."  I smiled. He got out some cleaning and disinfecting thing.  I gasped. " is this going to hurt cause I know some of those things hurt and I really don't want to do this noooo." Liam lifted me onto the kitchen island and niall said "in sorry princess I know you won't like this but it's going to sting a little" I reached for someone's Hand and got Harry's. niall covered a cotton ball with the solution and rubbed it one a cut below my eye I didn't even know was there. It stung like crazy! "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!" I yelled and squeezed Harry's hand. I squeezed my eyes shut until it was over. "Alright princess all done with that one." I have have him a shocked look and said "that one? You mean there another one?" He nodded his head and said "you have another cut on your head babe." I remembered being thrown against the wall and bleeding. I nodded for niall to go ahead and clean. I reached for a hand but no one put theirs out. I looked up and saw Harry clutching his hand. None of the other boys wanted to face the wrath of my grip." Oh come on I didn't sqeez that hard did I?" Harry nodded "uh hu ya pretty much!" "Im so sorry but I kinda need a hand to grip one more time." I wiggled my fingers and gave my best please? Look. Zayn sighed and said "I'll take one for the team guys." I rolled my eyes and gripped zayn's hand. "Alright I'm ready" I told niall and he started to clean my last cut. This one didn't stung nearly as bad as the one under my eye so I barley squeezed zayn's hand. "There all done." Niall said. Zayn pulled away his hand and said "Jesus Harry! You're such a wimp. That didn't hurt at all." Harry gave me and zayn an incredulous look. "Wait a minute autumn. Did she punch you get hit in the stomach or did you hit it or anything? Is the baby going to be okay? Are you having any abdominal pain?" Niall asked frantically. I laughed and said "no doctor horan no stomach pains. She didn't hit me in the stomach. Me and the baby are fine." We all sat there in a bit of an awkward silence until Liam spoke up." Hey how about we watch a movie?"  I was Instantly for the idea " ooooohhhhh. A movie would be perfect. I call choosing it!" "Noooooooo. I wanted I choose!!!" Louis wailed then I got an idea. "Hey how about whoever gets to the living room gets to choose. GO!" I was off right away. I could see the boys a good amount away from me when I heard some thumps but I kept going. I got to the living room first ( duhh) I had lots of practice from running from my dad. Zayn came in right after me. "What were those thumps?" "Oh um. Harry was winning so niall tripped him but then Niall fell as well and when Liam tried to pass Harry Harry reached up and grabbed his ankle. Niall tripped up Louis too. I laughed at how silly the boys antics were. Sure enough in about a minutes time all the rest of the boys came in with various red marks on each other. I rolled my eyes and put in the disk I had selected while waiting. I got in a good spot and patted the seat beside me for niall so sit but Harry plopped down instead."Harry that's niall spot. Move it or lose it." Harry laid Down and wailed "NOBODY LOVES MEEEE!" Louis barreled over and launched himself on top of Harry and Louis yelled "I LOVE YOU HAZ!" I just  shook my head and smiled. Niall came over and the movie finally started. Everyone got settled and no one companies about my movie choice. I snuggled up to niall. "This is nice. Considering all of the drama up in this house." I laughed at Niall's statement and said "ya. It is isn't it." I closed my eyes and rested me head in Niall's chest and drifted off. 

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