The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!


6. I'm sorry...

The taxi dropped us off in front of a huge house. Forget house, this was a mansion! Niall walked inside first and then turned back around to get me. I was standing there gawking like an idiot. As embarrassed as I was I didn't say a thing. "I'm home!!" Niall bellowed into the large house. I seemed empty until I heard shouts and stomping.

"NIALL!" All of the strangers from the park came barreling towards us. I let out a shriek and ran into the first room I could find. It was a large living room with a huge couch that could fit eight people and a large flat screen adorned with all the video games you could imagine. I crouched behind the large couch trying to catch my breath. They had reminded me of my father. Screaming and yelling at me. After having nothing like that happen to me for more than a week it started to really scare me again.

"Autumn? Are you in here?" It was Niall. I recognized his Irish accent and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm right here. " I said quietly.niall came to where I sat behind that couch and crouched down next to me

"I'm so sorry the boys scared you. They didn't mean to they were just exited for me to come home."

"it's not your fault"I sighed. " I just got so scared because they reminded me of... Of my dad. " this was it. I finally was going to open up to someone about my father. It was scary and exilerating  all at the same time.

"Your dad? Wait did your fath-" Niall got cut off before he could finish.

"Niall, the pizzas here mate" one of the strangers shouted from the hallway.

" we'll I guess this conversation will have to wait for another time." I had lost my nerve and needed to haul ass out of there. I was wrong. I couldn't do this. I waited for Niall in the doorway. I had no idea where to go in this huge house. I would probably get lost and not be found for days. Niall kept shooting my concerned glances. I knew I would have to explain to him later but, right now I wasn't ready or anywhere near it. when we finally got to the kitchen i could smell the pizza and it smelled so good. I came in to the kitchen. "well autumn i think it's time to introduce you to the gang. this is harry," he pointed to the curly haired one with green eyes" that's zayn" this time it wan the gorgeous brown skinned boy with brown eyes " thats louis" louis had straight brown hair and blue eyes" and finally liam" the last one was a kind, yet edgy looking boy with chocolate brown eyes and a buzzcut.

"hi. i'm autumn" i said.

"well...time to eat!!!" niall exclaimed. he raced over to the pizza boxes along with the other guys and grabbed four slices. the rest of the boys grabbed three and I grabbed one

"Do you like the food love?" harry asked. it was so good and I nodded my head. all of a sudden i felt sick. Uh oh. "Are you ok autum?" Niall asked. i was lactose intolerant but i totally forget.

i threw up in the nice sink and was scared to see there faces.

"its all right autumn" niall told me. he grabbed my hand and lead me away. that's when i had a thought. was he going to hurt me? he was sweet and all but, could i really trust anyone here? my fight or flight instinct kicked in and i started screaming. fight it was then.

" autumn! autumn what is it!" i could tell niall was getting frustrasted

"p-please don't h-hurt me. i didn't mean to throw up i'm sorry i'll go clean it up right now" i rushed back to the kitchen on all fours then ran over to the sink. i started to rinse it out and i could feel the boys staring at my back. tears of fear and embarrasment were rolling down my cheeks. once i was finished niall came up to me.

"why don't we bring you to bed ok?"he said softly as he touched my shoulder. oh my god. was he going to-he was going to rape me! i started crying even harder then and put my head down. i nodded anyway. i took advantage of them and threw up in their nice expensive sink. niall led me up the stairs and into a at the end of the hall it looked like all the boys bedrooms were before he showed me into the room i saw a huge bed in the middle along with a couch, tv, dresser, and walk in closet in the large room. he also had his own bathroom with a tub that looked like it could fit the both of us and a complicated looking shower. the toilet and sink were fancy too but not as much as the bathing equipment was. i turned around and layed out on the bed still crying.

"what are you doing?" niall asked me

"a-aren't y-you going to p-punish me for messing up your sink?"

" i would never, EVER do a thing to a girl" niall said looking appald." here lets get you something to sleep in." he rooted around the closet for a minute before he pulled out a soft looking, cotton black shirt.i took the shirt gratefully. niall turned around as i changed and i threw out my old clothes. i didn't want to ever see them again.

"im done "i said niall turned back around and i saw something flash in his eyes. i don't know what though.

"alright' he started leading me to the bathroom" here is a tooth brush. i'm going to go talk to the guys. i will be sleeping in the couch that's in here. is that okay?"

"its fine" he finally left and i looked at myself. i had wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. i also had a small nose, plump lips and freckles across the tops of my cheeks and my nose. i hated them. i used what i assumed was niall toothpaste and started to clean up. after i relieved my self then washed my hands i made my way back into the bedroom. niall had made his bed/sofa and was lying down. i laid down in the large bed and curled up in the middle. this was luxery."hey. niall. you awake?"

"yes.' i heard him reply. i took a deep breath. i was ready

"i want to tell you how i got my bruises..."

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