The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!


41. First dance

It had been six months since niall asked me to marry him and I said yes. A lot had happened in that three months. We learned we were having twin boys and I was already huge. I looked at myself ln the mirror. My white dress just barely brushed the floor and was flowing to accommodate my growing baby bump. "Autumn?" Perrie called out. She walked in in the beautiful sea glass green bridesmaid dress I had chosen. Perrie was my maid of honor. The rest of the boys girlfriends ,whom I had also become close friends with, where my other bridesmaids. "Are you ready? It's time." I nodded my head. it was an outdoor wedding so I wouldn't have to wear shoes. God bless my fiancé. Perrie handed me my bouquet of pink roses and white babies breath. I took a deep breath and the music started. Lux was the flower girl and she was absolutely perfect. Halfway down the isle she dropped the basket full of flower petals. She said "oopsies" and started to pick them up. Everyone laughed and in about a minute she finished the. Concluded waking down the isle and spreading petals. Then my bridesmaid went out. Finally it was my turn. I was walking down the isle alone because my father was, well he was my father. The intro to here comes the bride started and everyone stood. I started down the isle and looked at niall the whole way down. He was smiling so hard I thought his face would crack in two. I finally got to him and grasped his hand as the pastor started the ceremony. When we got to the vows niall read his first. "Autumn. The first time I met you you had this its me against the world and im ready for it look. But the truth is no one is ready for that. And the more I got to know you the more I realized that you weren't ready for it either. You are beautiful, smart, funny, and much more. Too much for words so in just gong to get to the point. I love you autumn. I will live you till the day you die and then forever and on in heaven. I never plan on losing you and I will never loose faith in you. I live you to the ends of the earth and back." He was crying and so was I at the end. The pastor nodded to me and I opened my paper. "Niall, the day I met you I was bruised, beaten, and broken. I trusted no one and never thought I would. I was content with dying alone. Then I met you. For some reason in my heart I felt like, you were the one. Even on that first day. And the second and the third and so on, and I was right. You are the one. You are my other half, my sole mate, my one and only. I love you like I have never loved before. I will never stop loving you, through thick and thin, and come hell and high waters I will not loose you. I just love you too much." Now everyone was crying.  Even the boys were crying (silently and in a manly way of course). Niall and I placed the rings on each other hand sand then we heard a "you may now kiss the bride " niall grabbed my face with both hands al planted a romantic and sensual kiss on my lips I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled away. I laughed and Niall wiped away a tear that had made its way out of my eyes. "I'm so happy." I told him and we were off to our reception...

*after reception( on honeymoon)*

 Niall laid me down in the bed in the bungalow he had chosen and kissed me passionately before pulling away and rubbing my pregnant belly."I'm glad that this was my future.I'm glad you found me. Thank you." I told him. He smiled and said "no problem" then began to kiss me again. And after that a little more than kissing happened. Okay a lot more. But who cares? He's my husband. 

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