The day I joined the world.

Autumn doesn't want to stay. she can't. Her dad abuses her since her mother died when she was just a baby. One night she does leave but, not without trouble from the new world she is thrown herself into. Will the help of a blond irish boy help, or destroy her? *this is my first book* HEY GUYS IMPORTANT: I haven't been on for so, so long and now I am editing I am so sorry for my past awful writing!!!


25. Emergency room

I laid in bed just, thinking. What if he was going to leave me, I was pregnant! This baby would need a father. Would the boys help me? Is Harry still after me? I rolled over and shoved my face into Niall's pillow. It smelled like him. I burst out crying. He hasn't come home all night and it was already morning. I was worried. I was willing to forgive him if he just admitted that yes he knows what he did, he is sorry, he loves me, and he will support this family. Oh wait. He doesn't even know I'm pregnant. I can't text him because I broke my phone. I hadn't eaten anything for a day but I wasn't hungry. I looked at the ceiling and thought it looked empty. I got up and left the house, driving to a local toy store in my pajamas and bed head and bought some glow in the dark stars when I got home I saw Liam in the living room but just walked back to the bedroom. I got up on a chair and stuck all of the stars up. As I was standing up on my tiptoes to get the last one on my feet slipped and I hit the ground trying to catch myself on my arms, to protect my baby. I felt the bone in my arm snap. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It hurt so so so bad. All of the boys instantly came into the room with worried faces. I was sitting up on the floor clutching my arm with tears streaming down my face. " what what's wrong we heard you scream!" Zayn yelled. I just wailed in pain. I had never broken a bone before. Never even sprained one and this hurt pretty freakin bad. " just tell us what's wrong!!" Liam screamed at me. " MY ARM!  I was just petting up the stars and I fell off the chair and landed in my arm." I pulled the sleeve of my sweat shirt down and the bump in my skin was clearly visible and so dramatic it looked like a horror movie. It looked like a mountain drop off it was so steep. The boys instantly snapped into action. Liam was barking out orders " Harry get my phone. It's in the living room, Louis zayn pull the car up front. Every one go!" He ran over and picked my up. I was still sobbing and clutching my broken arm to me chest." You'll be fine. We're just going to go to a walk in and well call niall and everything will be okay" he was saying in my ear. I rested my head on his chest and said" w-what a-about t-the b-baby?" His eyes widened and he said, well get an ultrasound. I closed my eyes and felt myself being put Ina car. All the boys piled in and off we were. We pulled into the walk in and Liam once again picked me up. I was still crying. Louis parked the car and Harry and zayn came into the emergency room with us. "Exuse me? EXCUSE ME! "The woman at the desk finally looked up and saw us. Her eyes widened. "What happened to her!?"  "She broke her arm pretty bad. She fell off a chair and we were also wondering if we could get her an ultrasound because she's pregnant." She nodded and led us to a room. A doctor came in shortly offer and said "alright autumn I'm goon have to set your arm." My eyes widened.  I had seen this on tv  " NO no no no no way. Not without niall here. I can't do this." I started to cry again. Harry walked over and handed me his phone. " here call niall." I looked up at him. "Thank you" was all I said. I went to his phone book and found niall. He picked up after three rings. "Hey!What's up Harry? " "niall!!"I sobbed his name out. "Autumn? What's wrong? Why are you on Harry's phone?" "We'll were in the emergency room a-" he cut me off"the emergency room!! What happened?! Are you okay?" "We'll no not exactly." I burst into tears again and Harry took that phone. "Hey niall it's Harry. Ya you should get here now. She broke her arm. It's pretty bad niall you should get here right away. Okay. Alright. I'll tell her." He hung up and I snuffled. "What did he say?" I asked Harry. "He said that he was in his way and not to worry and he lives you. I smiled and nodded. Now all we had to do was wait. 

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