Ghost Adventure Lockdown

This is a story of when I was chosen to be on a Ghost Adventure lockdown with my best friend Alicia and we had a blast with the crew. We also got ice cream and hung out with the crew for five days after the lockdown. Then it turned out to have a sixth day with the crew.Only Nick, Zak, and/or Aaron curse in the story. I also had help from TomAnthonyParkeLovrYEAH, she is awesome!


6. The Lockdown Part Two

“What is wrong with you?” Alicia asked. Maddie said that she literally herd a person say “They’re here”, yet no one believed her. “Well... I actually believe you Maddie”, I said. And yet everyone looked at me like I was crazy but Nick he actually smiled at me. “Do you believe her?” I asked Nick. “Yeah I pretty much do because I heard it too.” Nick said. “Yeah now that you mention it I heard something too.” Zak said. “Okay are we all just going to randomly agree with me that I heard something just so that I’ll stop freaking out?” Maddie asked. Then I felt something hit the back of my leg. “Ow!” I kind of screamed. Nick asked what happened and I told him that I felt something hit the back of my leg. Then Nick asked the spirit if they threw something at me and the digital recorder that Zak was holding got an answer that said “I did it b@!#?” At that moment I felt very light headed and I can’t breathe. Alicia noticed how I was acting and she told Maddie “Hey Nick do you know that Bryanna is not herself at the moment?” At that point, Nick became very concern about me and I just didn’t want anyone around me. And at that moment I fainted.
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