Ghost Adventure Lockdown

This is a story of when I was chosen to be on a Ghost Adventure lockdown with my best friend Alicia and we had a blast with the crew. We also got ice cream and hung out with the crew for five days after the lockdown. Then it turned out to have a sixth day with the crew.Only Nick, Zak, and/or Aaron curse in the story. I also had help from TomAnthonyParkeLovrYEAH, she is awesome!


7. The Lockdown Part Three

“Bryanna!” Zak yelled. “Dude! She’s out cold!” Aaron yelled. “What are we going to do, we can’t just leave her. I mean, really if we leave her she could come-to and we wouldn’t know. She could get possessed.” Nick said. Which I could faintly hear because I was coming to yet all I could hear now was Maddie and Alicia trying to get me awake. “Blondie please come to we need you!” Maddie yelled or at least that’s what I thought. Alicia said that Maddie was right and that I need to come to. Finally I did come to and Nick ran over to me and asked if I was okay. “Yeah I’m okay why, what happened?” I asked unsure of what had happened. “Maddie and Alicia said you weren’t yourself. Then you fainted.” Nick answered. “Oh.” I said. I just couldn’t believe that I fainted during the investigation.

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