Ghost Adventure Lockdown

This is a story of when I was chosen to be on a Ghost Adventure lockdown with my best friend Alicia and we had a blast with the crew. We also got ice cream and hung out with the crew for five days after the lockdown. Then it turned out to have a sixth day with the crew.Only Nick, Zak, and/or Aaron curse in the story. I also had help from TomAnthonyParkeLovrYEAH, she is awesome!


5. The Lockdown Part One

Alicia, Maddie, and I walked straight from the hotel to Madame Tussuads. On the way Maddie asked, " Sooo. Do you think that Nick likes you Blondie?" "I wouldn't say that he likes me." "Yeah right," Alicia Said. " Whatever!," I replied. Well, soon after that Maddie, Alicia, and I had gotten to Madame Tussuads. There We waited for Nick, Zak, and Aaron to come. It was like 25 minutes until they showed up but non of us cared. When they got there Maddie and Alicia kept making faces at me because Nick gave me a hug and was still hugging me with one arm because I was really scared.“So, Bryanna, I was thinking that during this investigation, you could be my little assistant.” Nick said to me. “Um yeah sure.” I said. Zak interviewed some people about Madame Tussuads. At around 9:30, we headed in. “This is so exciting!” Alicia yelled. “Ok, this is your first investigation, so you don’t know, you can’t yell like that.” Aaron said. “Please, you do it all the time!” Nick laughed. It was awkward silence for a few minutes. “BRYANNA LOVES NICK!” Maddie yelled. “OH MY GOD I HATE YOU!” I yelled. “Is that true?” Nick asked. Just before I could answer, Zak got an EVP. “…they’re here…” “OH MY GOD!” Maddie silently screamed.

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