Ghost Adventure Lockdown

This is a story of when I was chosen to be on a Ghost Adventure lockdown with my best friend Alicia and we had a blast with the crew. We also got ice cream and hung out with the crew for five days after the lockdown. Then it turned out to have a sixth day with the crew.Only Nick, Zak, and/or Aaron curse in the story. I also had help from TomAnthonyParkeLovrYEAH, she is awesome!


8. The Lockdown Part Four

“I’m just glad that you’re okay. I just wouldn’t know what I would do without you.” Nick said to me. I felt my face get red so I knew I was blushing. It was now 4:56 in the morning and just out of nowhere I saw Nick walk the opposite hallway as everyone else so I followed him.  When we got to the end of the hall I don’t think he noticed that I followed him until I spoke. “Nick? Are you okay right now?” “Yeah I’m okay, why?” “You just don’t look like yourself right now.” “Oh.” He just acted like it was normal for me but I knew something was wrong was going to happen and as soon as I thought of that everything went downhill. It was fine for a while and Nick was perfectly fine but in the meanwhile Nick was getting concern about me and I just felt like I was not me for some reason. Finally I turned toward Nick and all I was thinking about is to kill him. I walked up to him and he asked me “Bry, are you okay?” I just stopped in front of him and just snapped out of it. “Bryanna?” “What? What did I do?” “Oh nothing you were possessed for a minute there.” I told Nick that I was sorry and he told me not to be because he was use to it no matter what would happen. I then joked with him and said “So if I would say I was going to kill myself you would be used to it?” “Nooooooo don’t even think about it Bryanna.” He said. “Fine I won’t I was just joking in the first place.

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