Ghost Adventure Lockdown

This is a story of when I was chosen to be on a Ghost Adventure lockdown with my best friend Alicia and we had a blast with the crew. We also got ice cream and hung out with the crew for five days after the lockdown. Then it turned out to have a sixth day with the crew.Only Nick, Zak, and/or Aaron curse in the story. I also had help from TomAnthonyParkeLovrYEAH, she is awesome!


3. Meeting the GAC

Alicia had gotten me striated out again. After I had calmed down and was not in a panic mode anymore, we walked out of the store with the crew of Ghost Adventures. We were just haning out with the crew as normnal fans because they didn't relies that we were the ones that won the cntest to be in the lockdown with them. For a while we were walking around town and Alicia randomly walked away, well she actually ran away because she found an ice cream store and was running down the street like some random crazy hobo screaming ice cream. Then a little while later Aaron was heading down the street right behind Alicia and was screaming ice cream too. I'm just standing there thinking to myself " Oh shiz, I'm friends with a loonitick and now there's a dang maniac behind her, what the freak has happened to my life?"  Now I'm for sure she is going to end up freaking the freak out during the lockdown and I'm going to have to save her dang butt.

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