Desmond Martel is a 23 year old detective. The story is about when a school head teacher goes missing. His journey leads him through readherrings and deceitful teachers. Luckily he has got his friend Lance to lend a hand.

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3. Woman

Desmond turned to Lance and exclaimed “Out of all of this evidence what can we deduce about what has happened?”

“Well...” replied Lance hesitantly “when searching the office I did find one piece of paper which intrigued me. It concerned a student.  Mr Newberry had written a letter to the student’s parents explaining why he had been expelled.”

“Let me guess,” interjected Desmond “the parents did not take it easy; that their son had been expelled and so wrote a letter back which contain some sort of threat; even if it may have been a hollow one. So... let’s go and speak to the parents. I presume you have an address for them?”    

“22 Willow Road.” responded Lance confidently.

            As the sky’s eye shone its beauty on to the urban scene below, the two detectives arrived at the parent’s house. Approaching the small dilapidated door boldly, Desmond pressed the metal plated button of the doorbell; he heard it ring in the background accompanied by the ferocious barking of a dog. As the thumping of feet on stairs grew louder; Desmond new that someone was there. A slim woman; about five foot six answered the door “what you want” she said gruffly.

“I am Desmond Martel and I am investigating the disappearance of Mr Newberry, the head of Wiltshire Downs Secondary School; which your son until recently attended. You are Mrs. Monroe?”

“Yeah... what you want... I don’t see what it has to do with me!” demanded Mrs. Monroe

Too which Desmond replied “We found that in his office was letter from you; which contained a threat saying that if he expelled James; your son there would be consequences.”

“So, I didn’t mean it, do you know how hard it is for me to get James to settle in a school. He had just moved there ‘bout five weeks ago. Sure, he was getting into trouble frequently however he had good grades. I sent that letter to Mr Newberry to try to convince him to allow James to stay, he didn’t listen. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to my family!” snapped Mrs. Monroe; slamming the door in their faces.

“That went well” said Lance

“Let us keep an eye out for this one” remarked Desmond

            Over the course of the next few summer’s days, Desmond and Lance considered the evidence that they had collected; making up predictions of what could’ve happened, trying to piece together evidence. Annoyed by the fact that after many hours in the dingy office, they only had produced a list; witch had a grand total of one person on it. They decided to go speak to him. Mr. Piper was a friend of Mrs. Monroe, he had previously been charged of robbery and also the illegal possession of firearms.

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