Desmond Martel is a 23 year old detective. The story is about when a school head teacher goes missing. His journey leads him through readherrings and deceitful teachers. Luckily he has got his friend Lance to lend a hand.

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7. Flies

"Over here" cried Desmond. He found what they were looking for. There it was, what appeared to be a small crack in the mud; but after running his finger round was pleased to find that it three edges. It was the door. Concealing it was a layer of artificial mud which had been stuck on, "Very sneaky" thought Desmond. "Do you think you could pick this lock, Lance?" asked Desmond.

"No, problem! After all I have picked many locks before if you remember" replied Lance enthusiastically. He spent many minutes fiddly with the lock, inserting two pieces of metal into the lock and turning and hammering at lock.  All of a sudden there was a metallic click and the lock turned.

"Sorted!" said Lance smirking "Shall we enter?"

Desmond nodded and then wiggled his fingers under the lip of the door and pried the door open. It made a dull thump as it hit the grass. Lance descended the rusty ladder with Desmond in tow; above him. Increasingly darker, the shaft got, "how deep is this?" pondered Lance. At the bottom of the ladder there was two corridors. One heading east, one heading west. Looking down the west tunnel, Lance notice that there was a large amount of flies; down the east none! "Which way do we go?" whispered Desmond.

"We follow the flies" replied Lance nervously.

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