Desmond Martel is a 23 year old detective. The story is about when a school head teacher goes missing. His journey leads him through readherrings and deceitful teachers. Luckily he has got his friend Lance to lend a hand.

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6. Exit?

"There has to be an exit" shouted Desmond momentarily forgetting that they were meant to be being stealthy.

"Well, there isn't one" exclaimed Lance

"There has to be. A grown man can not just vanish into thin air. Every Scientific theory denies the fact that someone can just vanish." spluttered Desmond

"Calm Down!" shouted Lance. Desmond continued to blurt out reasons why a man could not just vanish. "DESMOND, you can't think straight when you worked up. Just calm down and think it through logically."

"Well," replied Desmond suddenly; in more of control of himself. " We know that he turned this corner, I mean we both saw it with our own eyes, right?"

"Yes." confirmed Lance.

"So, there must be some hidden entrance concealed by the hedges or a set of trap doors hidden in the ground. Let's get looking" whooped Desmond excitedly.

For more than half an hour, Desmond and Lance grovelled around on their hands and knees looking for a trap door, which may or may not exist. Lance just hoped there was one, he was exhausted and needed something exciting to give him his long lost energy back.

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