Desmond Martel is a 23 year old detective. The story is about when a school head teacher goes missing. His journey leads him through readherrings and deceitful teachers. Luckily he has got his friend Lance to lend a hand.

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8. Body of Evidence

As they briskly walked down the fly infested tunnel, Desmond could smell a foul odour lingering in the air. Nearing the end of the tunnel, they could both clearly see that yet again they had a choice to make again; North or South. This time they chose North as this was the direction the flies were travelling in, flitting to and fro. At last they could see an opening into a bigger room; which to there surprise there was an electric light. The harsh white light stung their eyes, blinding them as they came out of the darkness. Stepping into the room, they saw that the flies were converging in one corner of the room. In that corner, there was a large oblong object bundled up in a rough prickly blanket.

Looking at Lance, Desmond said "On three... Ready?... One...Two...Three!". They pulled the blanket back from the obscured object too reveal, a body. It was hard to make out the face, so Lance strolled to the center of the room and picked up the lamp off the table and brought it over to the body.

From the light they could make a rough estimate that the body was about 5 foot 11 inches. The same height as Mr Newberry. Next, Lance shone the light from the body onto the face. This confirmed there suspicions. It was Mr Newberry.

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