Desmond Martel is a 23 year old detective. The story is about when a school head teacher goes missing. His journey leads him through readherrings and deceitful teachers. Luckily he has got his friend Lance to lend a hand.

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13. A Good Days Work

"So, we already know who you are, Sargent Spaulding ran your image and we know that you are; Mr Piper" Desmond said plainly

"Why didn't you answer your door earlier today, we both saw someone watching from the window, you I presume?" interjected Lance. Mr Piper did not say anything

"We followed you, as we knew you were friends with Mrs Monroe. It was nice of you to drag here into this mess was it not." questioned Desmond. Still there was no answer from Mr Piper

The interrogation lasted for the rest of the half an hour journey. Lance and Desmond asked Mr Piper why he did it in which he replied 'I was doing a friend a favour'. Lance nor Desmond were pleases. After, there interrogation, the Sargent took Mr Piper into the vast building of the Local Jail, were he would stay to await trial. Desmond turned to Lance and asked him a question "Lance, I never understand why people do things like this, at the end of the day, they end up hurting them selves, so what is the bother"

Lance replied "Well, that is one of the reasons I became a detective. You never know what the universe has in store for you."

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