One wish

Faye Hilles had always been just a normal 18 year old girl. She got good grades, she loves one direction, and she has amazing friends. But one day one simple wish, takes Faye where nobody could ever think would be possible. One day, one wish, changes Faye forever.


2. One wish

When we got back from the mall, there was less than 2 hours to the concert. I was wearing a white tank top that had 1D in pink. I also wore pink shorts with pink Toms. Also, I had Liam written on my forehead, and 1d written on my cheek. Maddie had Louis written on her forehead,and she also had 1d written on her cheek just like I did. But Maddie wore a white shirt hat had Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn written on it. Beside each name was a picture of them. She also had on black shorts and white Toms. We came back to my house to write Louis, Liam and 1D on our faces. They were all written in black face paint. When that was done we grabbed our purses, locked the doorand hopped into the car. I plugged my phone into the car and turned on my bluetooth so we could listen to music. I went to Artist, One directon, albums, all songs, and pressed shuffle. The first son that came on was They Don't know About Us. I rolled all the windows down and blasted the music. I looked over to Maddie who had a huge smile on, "You ready?" I said. "Oh ya!! Lets gooo!" I started the car and we where off the see one direction!!!! 

"Oh, Faye, that sign said that the area is 3 miles away!!" "AHHHH" we both screamed. Then Best Song Ever started playing, which was our favorite song. "AHHH" we screamed even louder and starte singing it, "MAYBE ITS THE WAY SHE WALKED!!" We sung it the rest of the way. In about 3 minutes the song ended and we were at the area. I parked and we got out of the car. I locked the doors and then I turned to Maddie. "I'm going to go fid the bathroom, wanna come or go find our seats?" "I'll go find our seats, just text me." "Sounds good." I hugged her, "Bye." Then she ran off. I giggled at her and made my way to the bathroom. I saw the signs that said "Restrooms' and I headed toward that. Before I could get there somebody pulled me behind a building. I turned to see who it was and it was an old woman. "Help me please." She said begging. "Wha-" "Just please!" "I will, but how can I help." "Please give me 5 dollars. My husband will-" She started crying so I hugged her. "It's okay." I said. I let go of her and gave her 5 dollars. I had $20 left for food or something. "Thank you so much darling. You saved my life." She smiled at me. I smiled back and started to walk away. "Wow!" she said pulling me back. "You helped me so now I will help you." "It's alright, I'm going to the bathroom. I'm 18 I'm sure I can do it." "No! Tell me something, tell me a wish you have always wished would come true." "Well," could she really do this? Well it's worth a try, "could I go back ad go to Liam Payne's high school?" "Whatever you wish sweetheart." Then the world started spinning. Everything turned white, then started gaining color again. Then there was a loud BOOM that made me hit the floor. Which was concert. Not grass like it was. And in front of me was a school. "You alright?" Said a strangely familiar voice. "I'm fin-" I turned around to see LIAM PAYNE!!! 

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